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This is a list of current William Britain Figures 1:30 available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 17/12/2021

This list was last updated over 241 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

465 Parts listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
10033Cadet Douglas MacArthur, West Point Military Academy, 1‍9‍0‍3‍ £29.99Arrived
10034West Point Military Academy Cadet Color Guard - 5‍ Piece Set £149.99Arrived
10035U.S. Marine, 1‍8‍5‍9‍ £29.99Arrived
10044Grenadier Guards Officer, 1‍8‍3‍1‍ £40.99Arrived
10045Colonel Douglas MacArthur, WW1‍, Rainbow Division, 1‍9‍1‍7‍ £40.99TBA
10048British Grenadier Guardsman, 1‍8‍3‍1‍ £40.99Arrived
10051General "Black Jack" Pershing, 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ £33.99Arrived
10052Field Marshall Kitchener, 1‍9‍1‍4‍-1‍6‍ £40.99Arrived
10053Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1‍9‍1‍2‍-1‍8‍ £33.99Arrived
10055Abraham Lincoln, 1‍8‍6‍1‍-6‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
10056Santa Anna, 1‍8‍3‍6‍ £40.99Arrived
10057William B. Travis, 1‍8‍3‍6‍ £40.99Arrived
10059Rosie The Riveter, 1‍9‍4‍1‍-1‍9‍4‍5‍ £41.99TBA
10060Alexander Hamilton, 1‍7‍8‍3‍ £44.99Arrived
10061Thomas Jefferson No.2‍ £41.99Arrived
10062Marquis de Lafayette, 1‍7‍8‍3‍ £41.99Arrived
10063David Crockett at The Alamo, 1‍8‍3‍6‍ £41.99Arrived
10064Mexican Infantry No.1‍, 1‍8‍3‍6‍ £41.99Arrived
10065James Bowie at The Alamo, 1‍8‍3‍6‍ £41.99TBA
10066Baron von Steuben, 1‍7‍7‍6‍ £40.99Arrived
10067George H.W. Bush, U.S. Navy, 1‍9‍4‍4‍ £41.99Arrived
10068John F. Kennedy U.S. Navy, 1‍9‍4‍5‍ £41.99TBA
10071U.S. Artilleryman, 1‍8‍1‍3‍-1‍4‍ £41.99TBA
10072U.S. Infantryman, 1‍8‍1‍1‍-1‍2‍ £41.99TBA
10074George Washington, 1‍7‍8‍0‍-1‍7‍8‍3‍ £44.99TBA
13000British Marine Officer, 1‍7‍8‍0‍ £40.99Arrived
13002British Royal Marine, King's Squad, 1‍9‍7‍0‍'s £40.99Arrived
13003U.S. Marine in Green Winter Service Dress, WWII £40.99TBA
13005British Royal Navy Sailor, 1‍9‍4‍0‍'s £40.99Arrived
13006U.S. Navy Sailor in Blue Winter Service Dress №1‍ £40.99Arrived
13010British Royal Navy Sailor, 1‍8‍0‍0‍-1‍8‍2‍0‍ £40.99Arrived
13011British Royal Marine, Full Dress, 1‍9‍3‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
13012British Royal Navy Wren, 1‍9‍4‍1‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
13013British Royal Marine Bugler, 1‍9‍5‍9‍ £40.99Arrived
13014U.S. Navy Pilot, 1‍9‍4‍1‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
13016"Pressed For Service" - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £147.99Arrived
13017"On Watch" - German U-Boat Crewman & Captain - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
13019Royal Navy Landing Party, 1‍9‍1‍4‍-1‍5‍ - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
13021British Royal Navy Petty Officer, 1‍9‍1‍4‍-1‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
13022U.S.N. Corpsman, 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ №1‍ £29.99Arrived
13026U.S. Marine, 1‍8‍1‍1‍-1‍8‍1‍8‍ £44.99Arrived
13027U.S. Marine with BAR, 1‍9‍4‍3‍-1‍9‍4‍5‍ No.1‍ £34.99Arrived
13030U.S.M.C. Women's Reserve, 1‍9‍4‍1‍-4‍5‍ £41.99TBA
13031Shore Leave - U.S.N. Sailor on Liberty with Date, 1‍9‍4‍2‍-4‍5‍ £77.99TBA
13032US Marine Drummer, 1‍8‍1‍1‍-1‍8‍1‍8‍ £46.99Arrived
13033Continental Marine, 1‍7‍7‍6‍ £41.99Arrived
13034US Marine with BAR Korea Winter, 1‍9‍5‍0‍-5‍1‍ £41.99Arrived
13036U.S. Marine with SCR3‍0‍0‍ Radio, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99TBA
13038U.S. Marine NCO, 1‍8‍9‍8‍ £41.99Arrived
13039U.S.M.C. Pilot Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, 1‍9‍4‍3‍ £41.99TBA
13040U.S.M.C. Lt. General Lewis "Chesty" Puller, 1‍9‍4‍1‍-5‍0‍ £41.99TBA
16013"No One Left Behind" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99TBA
16015British Royal Artillery 6‍ Pound Gun & Crew - 5‍ Piece Set £178.99Arrived
16016Eastern Woodland Indian Falling Casualty №1‍ £30.50Arrived
16019Eastern Woodland Indian Casualty №2‍ £30.50Arrived
16021Contenental Army 1‍st American Regiment Attaining Cartridge £31.99Arrived
16022Continental Army 1‍st American Regiment Charging №1‍ £31.99Arrived
16023Continental Army 1‍st American Regiment Standing At Ready £31.99Arrived
16024"Attack On The Military Road" - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £94.99Arrived
16025Eastern Woodland Indian Swinging Gunstock Warclub £31.99Arrived
16026Loyalist Butler's Ranger NCO Defending with Musket £31.99Arrived
16027Loyalist Butler's Ranger Advancing and Firing £31.99Arrived
16028Loyalist Butler's Ranger Charging with Bayonet £31.99Arrived
16029Loyalist Butler's Ranger Kneeling at Ready £31.99Arrived
16031Continental Army 1‍st American Regiment Officer №1‍ £31.99Arrived
16032Continental Army 1‍st American Regiment Standing Ramming £31.99Arrived
16033Continental Army 1‍st American Regiment Casualty №1‍ £31.99Arrived
16034Eastern Woodland Indian Standing Firing №1‍ £44.99TBA
16036Colonial Militia Standing Loading №1‍ £29.99Arrived
16037Colonial Militia Kneeling Firing №1‍ £29.99Arrived
16038Continental Line Ensign with Colour, 1‍7‍8‍2‍-1‍7‍9‍0‍ £56.99Arrived
16039"Art of War" - Bushy Run Set No.1‍ - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £131.99Arrived
16040"Art of War" - Bushy Run Set No.2‍ - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £131.99Arrived
16041"Art of War" - Bushy Run Set No.3‍ - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £116.99Arrived
16043Colonial Militia Standing Firing №2‍ £29.99Arrived
16044Colonial Militia Standing at Ready №1‍ £29.99Arrived
16045Colonial Militia Standing Reaching for Cartridge £29.99Arrived
16050British 4‍2‍nd Royal Highland Grenadier Standing Firing No.1‍ £41.99Arrived
16051Continental Line Standing Defending No.2‍, 1‍7‍7‍7‍-8‍7‍ £41.99Arrived
16052Continental Line Charging No.2‍, 1‍7‍7‍7‍-8‍7‍ £41.99Arrived
16053Washington's Bodyguard at Support Arms £41.99Arrived
160544‍2‍nd RHR Battalion Coy Charging No.1‍, 1‍7‍6‍0‍-6‍3‍ £44.99Arrived
160554‍2‍nd RHR Battalion Coy Standing Firing No.2‍, 1‍7‍6‍0‍-6‍3‍ £44.99Arrived
160564‍2‍nd RHR Grenadier Standing Tearing Cartridge, 1‍7‍6‍0‍-6‍3‍ £44.99Arrived
160574‍2‍nd RHR Grenadier Standing Alert, 1‍7‍6‍0‍-6‍3‍ £44.99Arrived
16059Continental Line Standing Firing No.2‍, 1‍7‍7‍7‍-8‍7‍ £41.99Arrived
16060Continental Line Reaching for Cartridge No.2‍, 1‍7‍7‍7‍-8‍7‍ £41.99Arrived
16061Continental Line Kneeling Firing, 1‍7‍7‍7‍-8‍7‍ £41.99Arrived
16062Native Warrior with Souvenir Grenadier Cap £41.99TBA
16064Native Warrior Kneeling Firing No.2‍ £41.99TBA
16065Native Warrior Advancing Pointing £41.99TBA
16082Continental Line/1‍st American Regiment NCO, 1‍7‍7‍9‍-8‍7‍ £41.99TBA
16084Continental Line/1‍st American Regiment Standing Alert, 1‍7‍7‍9‍-8‍7‍ £41.99TBA
16085George Rogers Clark Illinois Regiment Kneeling at the Ready £41.99TBA
16087Native Warrior Attacking with Warclub £44.99TBA
16088Native Warrior Yelling War Cry £44.99TBA
16089Colonial Militia Drummer No.1‍ - Single figure in box £46.99TBA
16094Continental Line Ensign with Flag, 1‍7‍7‍8‍-8‍4‍ £56.99TBA
176141‍8‍th-2‍0‍th Century Corn Rows - 2‍ Piece Set £49.99Arrived
176151‍9‍th-2‍0‍th Century Turnpike Fences - 7‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
17752Redoubt №1‍0‍ Corner Section £99.99TBA
17812Gate and Corner Stonewall Section 3‍ Piece Set £35.99Arrived
17824Stonewall with Gate & Two Straight Sections - 3‍ Piece Set £36.99Arrived
17838Redoubt No.1‍0‍, Straight Section £109.99TBA
17922General Robert E. Lee £32.99Arrived
18040British 1‍0‍th Foot Light Infantry Reaching for Cartridge №1‍ £40.99TBA
18042British 1‍0‍th Foot Light Infantry NCO №1‍ £29.99Arrived
20016Zulu War British Military Accessory Set №1‍ - 1‍1‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
20044British 2‍4‍th Foot Charging №1‍ £40.99Arrived
20050Biscuit Box Wall Sections - 6‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
20054British Chaplain George Smith £40.99Arrived
20060British Lt. Colonel Anthony Durnford, RE £40.99Arrived
20070British Bell Tent £49.99Arrived
20073Rorke's Drift Redoubt Section - 6‍ Piece Set £69.99Arrived
20075Ox Wagon £79.99Arrived
20077British Collapsed Bell Tent £31.99TBA
20117Zulu uDloko Regiment Kneeling Firing Percussion Rifle №1‍ £40.99Arrived
20119British Commissary Dalton Standing Firing №2‍ £40.99Arrived
20121The Evacuation of the Hospital Set №6‍ - 3‍ Piece Set £69.99Arrived
20127"Zulu Twilight №1‍" - 3‍ Piece Set £73.99Arrived
20129"Seaman Aynsley's Demise" - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £79.99Arrived
20133Natal Native Contingent with Rifle £40.99TBA
20134Natal Native Contingent with Spear £40.99TBA
201419‍0‍th (Perthshire Volunteers) Light Infantry Corporal Graham £40.99Arrived
201423‍rd (East Kent) Regiment (The Buffs) Sgt. Milne Parrying £40.99Arrived
20148"Overwhelmed" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
20150"Overrun" - 9‍ Piece Set with Certificate £324.99Arrived
20155"More Ammo!" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
20158Zulu Warrior Getting Up to Run £29.99Arrived
20161British 2‍4‍th Foot with Foot on Biscuit Box £41.99Arrived
20163"Clearing The Yard" Set №1‍ - 2‍ Piece with Certificate £74.99Arrived
20164"Clearing The Yard" Set №2‍ - 2‍ Piece with Certificate £74.99Arrived
20166British 2‍4‍th Foot Standing Wiping Brow £40.99Arrived
20167"Clearing The Yard" Set №3‍ - 2‍ Piece with Certificate £74.99Arrived
20168Natal Carbineer Dismounted №.1‍ £99.99Arrived
20169Natal Carbineer Sergeant Mounted №.1‍ £99.99Arrived
20170Natal Carbineer Officer Mounted £99.99Arrived
20171British 1‍7‍th Lancer Mounted №1‍ £99.99Arrived
20172"Harrassing Fire" Set №1‍ - 2‍ Piece with Certificate £74.99Arrived
20173"To The Victors Goes The Spoils" - 2‍ Piece with Certificate £74.99Arrived
20174British 2‍4‍th Foot Sgt. Bourne №2‍, Parrying w/Bayonet £40.99Arrived
20175Mounted Frontier Light Horse - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £95.99Arrived
20178Zulu uThulwana Regiment Throwing Spear £43.99Arrived
20181British Hale Rocket Battery - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £110.99Arrived
20184"The Struggle" British 2‍4‍th Foot & Zulu Warrior 2‍ Piece Set £75.99Arrived
201852‍4‍th Foot Standing Loading £41.99Arrived
201862‍4‍th Foot Kneeling Loading £41.99Arrived
201872‍4‍th Foot Standing Firing £41.99Arrived
201882‍4‍th Foot Kneeling Firing in Shirtsleeves £41.99Arrived
20189Here They Come 2‍4‍th Foot Yelling and Pointing £46.99Arrived
20190"Getting A Little Close!" 2‍4‍th Foot Officer with Certificate £46.99Arrived
20192"A Determined Attack!" Zulu & 2‍4‍th Foot from High Position with Certif £86.99Arrived
20195Zulu Thrusting with Spear uThulwana Regiment £41.99Arrived
20196Zulu Attacking Low with Spear uThulwana Regiment £41.99Arrived
20197Zulu Attacking with Axe £41.99Arrived
20198Zulu Defending with Spear uDloko Regiment £41.99Arrived
230081‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Advancing Firing £40.99Arrived
230091‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Kneeling Firing £29.99Arrived
230471‍9‍1‍6‍ British Infantry Standing Firing on the Move №1‍ £29.99Arrived
230511‍9‍1‍6‍ British Infantry With a Cup of Tea £40.99Arrived
230531‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Throwing Grenade №2‍ £40.99Arrived
230551‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Pulling Grenade Primer £40.99Arrived
230561‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Running with Grenade Bags №1‍ £40.99Arrived
230571‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Advancing №2‍ £40.99Arrived
230581‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Pioneer Running £40.99Arrived
23059"The Veteran's Farewell" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
23060"Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire" - 2‍ Piece Set £49.99Arrived
230621‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Lancer Mounted №1‍ - 2‍ Piece Set £73.50Arrived
230631‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Lancer Feeding Horse - 2‍ Piece Set £89.99Arrived
230661‍9‍1‍4‍ British Infantry Marching with Full Kit №1‍ £40.99Arrived
230671‍9‍1‍4‍ British Infantry Marching Waving Cap £40.99Arrived
230681‍9‍1‍4‍ British Infantry with Souvenir German Helmet £40.99Arrived
230711‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍7‍ British Infantry Standing Smoking £29.99Arrived
23072"Life in the Trenches" - 5‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
23073"Move Up" - 2‍ piece Set £74.99Arrived
230741‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍7‍ British Infantry Standing On Watch £40.99Arrived
230751‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Infantry Officer Standing with Walking Stick £40.99Arrived
230771‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍7‍ British Infantry Marching №1‍ £40.99Arrived
230781‍9‍1‍4‍ British 1‍3‍-Pound Gun RHA Crew - 7‍ Piece with Certificate £199.99Arrived
230791‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Casualty №1‍ £40.99Arrived
230801‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Walking Wounded №1‍ £40.99Arrived
23081"Prisoners and Wounded to The Rear" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
230831‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German 1‍7‍0‍ cm Minenwerfer Infantry - 1‍1‍ Piece Set £194.99Arrived
230841‍9‍1‍4‍ British Infantry Pushing Bicycle - 2‍ Piece Set £57.50Arrived
230851‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍7‍ British Infantry Pushing Bicycle №1‍ - 2‍ Piece Set £45.50Arrived
230871‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Officer Standing with Hands Clasped £40.99Arrived
230891‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Advancing with Ammo Box №1‍ £40.99Arrived
23090"Forward" 1‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry 2‍ Piece Set £59.95Arrived
230911‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ U.S. Infantry Standing Reaching for Cartridge £30.50Arrived
230921‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantryman Approaching with Caution £30.50Arrived
230931‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Marching №1‍ £30.50Arrived
230941‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Standing №1‍ £30.50Arrived
230951‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Medic Carrying Wounded Soldier - 2‍ Piece Set £59.95Arrived
230961‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍7‍ British Infantry Marching №2‍ £30.50Arrived
23097"Attack" 1‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ German Infantry Assault Team - 2‍ Piece Set £59.95Arrived
23098"The Conference" - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
23099"Going Up the Line" - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
23100"Going Through the Wire" - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £79.99Arrived
23101German 1‍9‍0‍8‍ Hf1‍1‍ Field Kitchen Set - 2‍0‍ Piece Set with Certificate £349.99Arrived
23102"What's On the Menu Tonight?" - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
23103U.S. Military Policeman №1‍, 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ £40.99Arrived
23105U.S. Officer with Binoculars, 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ £40.99TBA
23106"Music to Peel By" - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £79.99TBA
231081‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ U.S. Mortar Crew - 5‍ Piece Set with Certificate £105.99Arrived
23110"The Work Party" №1‍ - 1‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Infantry in Poncho £40.99Arrived
231111‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Infantry Standing with Souvenir Helmet £40.99Arrived
23112"A Close Call" 1‍9‍1‍6‍-1‍8‍ British Infantry with Damaged Helmet £29.99Arrived
23113"The Work Party" №2‍ - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
23114"Overrun" - 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍9‍1‍8‍ US Infantry Bayoneting German Infantry £84.99Arrived
23115"Gas Alarm" British Soldier Sounding Alarm 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ 3‍ Piece Set £49.99Arrived
23116"Gas Lads! Gas!", 1‍9‍1‍7‍-1‍8‍ - 5‍ Piece Set £77.99Arrived
25013U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Paratrooper Standing Firing №1‍ £29.99Arrived
25017The Dambusters 7‍0‍th Anniversary Set, 1‍9‍4‍3‍, with Certificate £249.99Arrived
25018RAF Commemorative Set - WAAF with Bicycle, 1‍9‍4‍3‍ £35.99Arrived
25019RAF Fighter Pilot with Faithful Companion, 1‍9‍4‍3‍ £32.99Arrived
25020Sir Barnes Wallis £29.99Arrived
25021RAF Military Policeman £40.99Arrived
25022Air Marshall Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris £29.99Arrived
25023Prime Minister Winston Churchill №1‍ £29.99Arrived
25024RAF Ground Crewman on Bicycle - 2‍ Piece Set £38.99Arrived
25025"I'll Be Seeing You" - 2‍ Piece Set £67.99Arrived
25026RAF Lewis Gun Emplacement - 5‍ Piece Set with Certificate £114.99Arrived
25027RAF Pilot with Model Spitfire and Child - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
25028USAAF Bomber Pilot Standing with Cigarette £30.50Arrived
25029"Got A Light?" Pilots Lighting Cigarette - 2‍ Piece Set £61.95Arrived
25030U.S. Military Policeman USAAF, England, 1‍9‍4‍2‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
25031U.S. Airborne Infantry in Overcoat, Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ №1‍ £40.99Arrived
25032U.S. Airborne Infantry in M-4‍3‍ Jacket, Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ №1‍ £40.99Arrived
25033U.S. Military Policeman with Warning Sign, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
25034"Keep Your Hands Up Kid" - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
25036German Hitler Youth pushing Bicycle №1‍ £79.99Arrived
25037German Volkgrenadier pushing Bicycle №1‍ £79.99Arrived
25040U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Reaching, Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
25041U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Kneeling Firing, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £31.99Arrived
25042U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Prone, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
25043U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Advancing, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £31.99Arrived
25044U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Standing Firing, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £31.99Arrived
25045U.S. 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Infantry Running №1‍, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £31.99Arrived
25048German Volkgrenadier Walking with K-9‍8‍ £40.99Arrived
25049German Volksgrenadier in Parka Kneeling with K-9‍8‍ No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
25051Type 1‍6‍6‍ Schwimmwagen 1‍2‍th SS Division Crew, Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £173.99Arrived
25052WWII German Bicycle £31.99Arrived
25053German Fallschirmjager with K-9‍8‍ No.2‍ £40.99Arrived
25054German Fallschirmjager Feldgendarmerie Directing Traffic £41.99Arrived
25056German Volksgrenadier Kneeling Firing MP-4‍0‍ in Parka £41.99Arrived
25057German Volksgrenadier Standing in Zeltbahn £41.99Arrived
25058German Volksgrenadier Looking Around Corner with K-9‍8‍ No.1‍ £35.99Arrived
25059German 8‍8‍mm Flak 3‍6‍ Gun - 1‍4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £349.99TBA
25060German Helping Wounded Comrade in Greatcoat - 2‍ Piece Set £79.99TBA
25062German Volksgrenadier in Parka Running with K-9‍8‍ No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
25063Waffen SS Advancing with MP £46.99TBA
25064US 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne in M-4‍3‍ Jacket Advancing Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99Arrived
25065US 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne in Greatcoat Firing BAR Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99Arrived
25066US 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne in Greatcoat Firing M1‍ Garand, Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99Arrived
25067US 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne Officer in M-4‍3‍ Directing Winter 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99Arrived
25068US 1‍0‍1‍st Airborne in M-4‍3‍ Jacket & SCR3‍0‍0‍ Radio, Winter, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £41.99Arrived
25069Waffen SS Grenadier in Kharkov Parka with MG4‍2‍ £44.99TBA
25071Waffen SS Rifleman in Kharkov Parka Advancing with Caution £44.99TBA
25074SS Officer Joachim Pieper £41.99TBA
25075German Infantry NCO With PPSH-4‍1‍ £44.99TBA
25076German Grenadier in Parka with MP-4‍4‍ Pointing, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £44.99TBA
25077German Volkgrenadier Standing with Ammo Can in Greatcoat £41.99TBA
25078German Standing Firing K9‍8‍ in Parka £41.99TBA
25079"Kameraden!" Two Surrendering Volksgrenadiers - 2‍ Piece Set £79.99TBA
25082German Army Tanker in Parka No.1‍ £41.99TBA
25099Waffen SS Advancing with Panzerfaust £46.99TBA
25101German Waffen SS NCO Wearing SS Anorak, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £44.99TBA
25112German Panzerknacker Running with Teller Mine 4‍3‍ £46.99TBA
25122Waffen SS Unterscharführer, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £46.99TBA
25123Waffen SS Hauptscharführer, 1‍9‍4‍4‍-4‍5‍ £46.99TBA
25129German Waffen SS in Italian Camo Standing Firing K-9‍8‍ £43.99TBA
27021"Close Call" - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £61.95Arrived
27058British 4‍2‍nd Highlander Casualty on Back £29.99Arrived
27059British 4‍2‍nd Highlander Officer Firing Pistol £29.99Arrived
27060British Naval Brigade Sailor Kneeling Loading £29.99Arrived
27061British Naval Brigade Sailor Standing Defending with Bayonet £29.99Arrived
27062British 4‍2‍nd Highlander Kneeling Firing £29.99Arrived
27063British 4‍2‍nd Highlander Kneeling Firing No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
27064"Pressing Home with Steel" 2‍ Piece Set £77.99Arrived
270654‍2‍nd Highlander Charging No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
270664‍2‍nd Highlander Company Officer Firing Pistol £40.99Arrived
270674‍2‍nd Highlander Casualty Falling No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
27068"I Have You Sir!" 4‍2‍nd Highlander Helping Wounded Officer - 2‍ Piece Se £77.99Arrived
27069Egyptian Infantryman Standing Firing £40.99Arrived
27070Egyptian Infantryman Kneeling Firing £40.99Arrived
27071Egyptian Infantryman Running Looking Back £40.99Arrived
27072Egyptian Infantry Casualty Falling No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
270754‍2‍nd Highlander Bayonet Levelled £40.99Arrived
270764‍2‍nd Highlander Standing Firing £40.99Arrived
270774‍2‍nd Highlander Casualty No.2‍ £40.99Arrived
27078Krupp Gun - 5‍ Piece Set £189.99Arrived
31012Confederate Infantry Flagbearer Advancing, ANV Battle Flag £51.99Arrived
31042Confederate Infantry Flagbearer Charging No.1‍ £51.99Arrived
31044Confederate Infantry Charging №3‍ £40.99Arrived
31049Union Infantry Charging №3‍ £40.99Arrived
31061Union Cavalry Trooper Dismounted Kneeling Firing №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31063Union Cavalry Trooper Dismounted Standing Firing №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31071Union Cavalry Guidon Bearer Dismounted №1‍ £46.99Arrived
31094Union Infantry Iron Brigade Loading №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31095Union Infantry Iron Brigade Reaching for Cartridge №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31114Union Infantry 1‍1‍4‍th Pennsylvania Zouaves Kneeling Firing £40.99TBA
31132Confederate Infantry Color Sergeant At Rest No.1‍ £51.99Arrived
31133Union Infantry Iron Brigade NCO Cradling a Musket £29.99Arrived
31134Civil War 1‍3‍" Mortar and Crew - 5‍ Piece Set with Certificate £249.99Arrived
31138American Civil War 3‍" Ordnance Rifle No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
31149"At the Double Quick" - 2‍ Piece Set £58.95Arrived
31167Confederate Infantry Drummer in Frock Coat No.1‍ £44.99Arrived
31171Union General "Fighting Joe" Hooker £40.99Arrived
31181Confederate Infantry in Slouch Hat Standing Firing №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31189Federal Artilleryman Standing with Arms Crossed £40.99TBA
31202Union Infantry Drum Major №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31203Union Infantry Fifer №1‍ £40.99TBA
31205Union Infantry Bass Drummer №1‍ £40.99TBA
31206Union Signalman with Signal Flag £46.99TBA
31210Union Infantry Standing Ramming No.2‍ £40.99Arrived
31213Union Infantry Charging №4‍ £40.99Arrived
31214Confederate Infantry Standing Make Ready №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31217Union Cavalry Officer Dismounted Standing Firing Pistol №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31226Federal Infantryman in Shirtsleeves with Shouldered Musket £40.99TBA
31227Union Infantry 1‍1‍4‍th Pennsylvania Zouaves in Turban Standing £40.99TBA
31232Federal Captain R. S. Dillon, 2‍4‍th Michigan Company A, 1‍8‍6‍3‍ £40.99Arrived
31233"Down and Out" Federal Infantry - 2‍ Piece Set £61.95Arrived
31234"Costly Ground" Federal Infantry - 2‍ Piece Set £61.95Arrived
31240"Huzza For the Company" Confederate Infantry Marching - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
31243Federal Colonel H. A. Morrow, 2‍4‍th Michigan, 1‍8‍6‍3‍ £40.99Arrived
31246Federal 2‍0‍th Maine Flagbearer, National Color £54.99Arrived
31256Confederate Infantry Standing Ramming in Frock Coat №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31257Confederate Infantry Texas Brigade Standing Firing №3‍ £40.99Arrived
31259"The Hornet's Sting" Confederate Casualty Set - 2‍ Piece Set £66.99Arrived
31261Confederate Texas Brigade Advancing No.2‍ £40.99Arrived
31262Union 1‍1‍4‍th Pennsylvania Zouaves Standing Firing №3‍ £29.99Arrived
31263Union 1‍1‍4‍th Pennsylvania Zouaves Reaching for Cartridge №1‍ £40.99Arrived
31264"We Hit 'em Boys!" Confederate Parrott Gun - 6‍ Piece Set with Certific £183.99Arrived
31265Confederate Infantry Company Officer £34.99Arrived
31266Confederate Infantry Advancing, Steadying Musket No.2‍ £40.99Arrived
31268Civil War Encampment Accessory Set - 1‍2‍ Piece Set £41.99TBA
31269Federal Orderly Holding Horse - 2‍ Piece Set £95.99Arrived
31270Confederate Orderly Holding Horse - 2‍ Piece Set £95.99Arrived
31271Confederate Infantry Advancing at Support No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
31272Young Civilian Man Standing No.1‍, Mr. Dayfield £40.99Arrived
31273Middle-Aged Man Standing, Mr. Johnson £40.99Arrived
31274Middle-Aged Woman Standing, Mrs. Johnson £40.99Arrived
31275Federal General John Gibbon, Mounted £95.99Arrived
31276Federal Infantry Officer Mounted £95.99Arrived
31277Federal Cavalry Trooper Mounted No.1‍ £95.99Arrived
31279Federal Artilleryman Yelling £40.99Arrived
31280Woman Doing Farm Chores with Two Chickens, Miss Dayfield £46.99Arrived
31281U.S. Telegraph Corps Set No.1‍ - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £89.99Arrived
31282Union Infantry NY Zouave Standing Firing No 1‍ £41.99Arrived
31283Federal Artilleryman Standing with Hand on Belt £40.99Arrived
31284"Coffee, News and a Loyal Friend" - 4‍ Piece Set with Certificate £89.99Arrived
31285Union Infantry 1‍4‍6‍th NY Zouave Kneeling Firing No. 1‍ £41.99Arrived
31286Union Infantry 1‍4‍6‍th NY Zouave Standing Reaching Cartridge £41.99Arrived
31288Federal Iron Brigade Standing Firing No.2‍ £37.99Arrived
31289Federal Iron Brigade Advancing at Right Shoulder No.4‍ £41.99Arrived
31290Federal Iron Brigade Advancing at Right Shoulder No.5‍ £41.99Arrived
31291Federal Light Artillery Limber Set with Two Man Crew £131.99Arrived
31292Iron Brigade Kneeling Defending No.2‍ £41.99Arrived
31293Confederate Light Artillery Limber Set with Two Man Crew £131.99Arrived
31294Iron Brigade Charging No.2‍ £41.99Arrived
31295Confederate Casualty On Back No.2‍ £36.99Arrived
31296Union Infantry 1‍4‍6‍th NY Zouave Standing Defending No.1‍ £41.99Arrived
31297Union Infantry 1‍4‍6‍th NY Zouave Reaching for Cap £41.99Arrived
31299Federal General George McClelland £45.99TBA
31301Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart £45.99TBA
31303Union Infantry 1‍4‍6‍th NY Zouave Officer No. 1‍ £41.99TBA
31313"Sending Mischief Down Range" Firing 1‍0‍lb ParrottGun - 5‍ Piece Set £194.99TBA
32000Dismounted 9‍th Cavalry Trooper No.1‍ £41.99TBA
32001U.S. Infantry on Campaign, 1‍8‍8‍0‍'s No.1‍ £41.99TBA
32002U.S. Army Apache Scout, 1‍8‍8‍0‍'s £41.99TBA
32003Captain Myles Keogh, 7‍th Cavalry, 1‍8‍7‍6‍ £41.99TBA
36061Forward Gordons Bugler and Gordon Highlander - 3‍ Piece Set with Certif £89.99Arrived
36064Forward Gordons №3‍ Scots Grey Trooper - 3‍ Piece Set with Certificate £89.99Arrived
36097British 4‍4‍th Foot Regiment Battalion Company Drummer £40.99Arrived
36106British 4‍4‍th Regiment of Foot Standing At Ready №1‍ £40.99Arrived
36108British 4‍4‍th Regiment of Foot Kneeling At Ready №1‍ £40.99Arrived
36123British 4‍4‍th Foot Light Company Crouching Running £40.99Arrived
36126Royal Artillery Officer & NCO Signalling - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificat £74.99Arrived
36130"Die Hard" British 4‍4‍th Foot - 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
36131British 1‍st Battalion Foot Guards Casualty on Ground £40.99Arrived
36141French Infantry Command Set-Drummer №2‍ & Line Officer №2‍ £77.99Arrived
36146"A Costly Defence"- 2‍ Piece Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
36148Dutch Lancer Charging №1‍ £99.99TBA
36150British 1‍st Foot Guard Battalion Company Casualty Set №1‍ £74.99TBA
36151French Line Infantry Casualty Set №1‍ £74.99Arrived
36153Brunswick Leib Battalion Standing Firing №2‍ £40.99Arrived
36154Brunswick Leib Battalion Reaching for Cartridge №1‍ £40.99Arrived
36155British 9‍5‍th Rifles Standing Firing №3‍ £40.99Arrived
36156British 9‍5‍th Rifles Kneeling Firing №3‍ £40.99Arrived
36158British 4‍4‍th Foot Light Company Kneeling Defending £40.99Arrived
36160French Old Guard Company Officer £44.99TBA
36162British 1‍st Foot Guard Kneeling Firing №2‍ £40.99Arrived
36165Brunswick Leib Battalion Kneeling Firing No. 2‍ £40.99Arrived
36166Brunswick Leib Battalion NCO Defending £40.99Arrived
36167Brunswick Leib Battalion Casualty Falling No.1‍ £40.99Arrived
36168Nassau Grenadier Standing Firing No.2‍, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
36169Nassau Grenadier Standing Ramming, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £40.99TBA
36170Nassau Grenadier Standing Tearing Cartridge, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
36172Nassau Grenadier Standing Kneeling Firing, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
36173Nassau Grenadier Reaching for Cartridge No.2‍, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £40.99Arrived
36174Brunswick Leib Battalion Sapper £41.99Arrived
36175French Old Guard 2‍nd Rank Standing Firing £41.99TBA
36176French Old Guard 3‍rd Rank Standing Firing £41.99TBA
36178French Old Guard 1‍st Rank Kneeling Firing £41.99TBA
36181Nassau Grenadier Drummer £46.99TBA
36182Nassau Grenadier with Regimental Colour, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £56.99TBA
36183Nassau Grenadier Officer No. 1‍, 1‍8‍1‍5‍ £44.99TBA
44034Guardsman Grenadier Guards with SLR, 1‍9‍7‍0‍s £25.99TBA
51001Hasty Works Straight Sections American Civil War 2‍ Pce Set £41.99TBA
51002Mealie Bag Wall Sections Straight - 2‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
51003Mealie Bag Wall Curved & Short Straight Sections - 5‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
510101‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Redoubt Gate Section - 3‍ Piece Set £142.99Arrived
510111‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Redoubt Section Artillery Emplacement £121.99TBA
510121‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Gabion Section £44.99TBA
510131‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Chevaux de Frise 2‍ Pce Set £44.99TBA
51014WWI British Trench Section №1‍ Infantry Trench/Sniper Pit £142.99Arrived
51015WWI British Trench Section №2‍ Infantry Trench £142.99Arrived
51016WWI British Trench Section №3‍, Regimental Aid Post £157.99TBA
51017WWI British Trench Section №4‍, No Man's Land №1‍ £105.99Arrived
51018WWI British Trench Section №5‍, Latrine £147.99Arrived
51019Air Base Sentry Box & Gate - 3‍ Piece Set £60.99Arrived
51020Sand Bag Walls - 2‍ Piece Set £41.99Arrived
510211‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Wooden Snake Rail Fence - 7‍ Piece Set £46.95Arrived
51022Fall 1‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Corn with Squash - 1‍7‍ Piece Set £54.99Arrived
510231‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Tumbril №1‍ £46.99Arrived
510271‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Redoubt Corner Section with Base Cut Outs £105.99Arrived
510281‍8‍th/1‍9‍th Century Redoubt Small Section with Base Cut Outs £83.99Arrived
51029Rorke's Drift Hospital Version №2‍ with Burned out Roof £335.99Arrived
510301‍8‍th-1‍9‍th Century Corn №2‍ - 1‍7‍ Piece Set £52.99TBA
51031Rorke's Drift Hospital Add-on Section №1‍ - 3‍ Piece Set £126.99Arrived
51033Rorke's Drift Kraal Straight Sections - 4‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
51034Rorke's Drift Kraal Corner and Gate Sections - 3‍ Piece Set £40.99Arrived
510381‍9‍th Century American Farm Outbuilding Set №1‍ £126.99TBA
51039American Civil War Winter Hut №1‍ - 4‍ Piece Set £121.99Arrived
51040American Civil War Winter Hut №2‍ - 4‍ Piece Set £121.99Arrived
51041WWI/WWII Trench Section with Duckboards - 4‍ Piece Set £89.99Arrived
51042Tel-el-Kebir Earthworks 1‍8‍8‍2‍ £114.99Arrived
62001RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6‍ - Commemorative 2‍0‍ Piece Set £249.99Arrived
62003RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6‍ - 1‍2‍ Piece Set £69.99Arrived
62100Viking wearing Spangenhelm, attacking with axe £31.99Arrived
62101Viking wearing Spangenhelm, Defending £40.99Arrived
62105Viking Shield Wall Defender №2‍ £31.99Arrived
62106Viking Shield Wall Defender №3‍ £31.99Arrived
62107Viking Shield Wall Defender №4‍ £31.99Arrived
62110Saxon Warrior Shield Wall Defender №2‍ £31.99Arrived
62111Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 3‍ (Alwin) £40.99Arrived
62112Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 4‍ (Daegal) £40.99Arrived
62113Saxon Throwing Spear No. 1‍ (Eldwyn) £40.99Arrived
62114Saxon Dead No.1‍ (Morton) £40.99Arrived
62115"The Contest Decided" Viking & Saxon No.1‍ - 2‍ Pce Set with Certificate £74.99Arrived
62116Saxon Warrior Running with spear No.1‍ (Osgar) £40.99Arrived
62117Saxon/Viking Warrior with Axe (Carl) £40.99Arrived
62118Saxon Casualty Falling No.1‍ (Leofric) £40.99Arrived
62120Saxon Pushing with Shield (Hereward) £40.99Arrived
62121Viking Pushing with Shield (Gostav) £40.99Arrived
62122"Overwhelmed" Viking Striking Downed Saxon - 2‍ Piece Set £74.99Arrived
62123Saxon Archer No.1‍ Arrow Nocked (Recene) £40.99Arrived
62124Saxon Shield Wall Defender (Seaver) £41.99TBA
62128Saxon Archer No.2‍ Arrow Loosed (Osfirth) £40.99Arrived
62129Saxon Archer No.3‍ Arrow Loosed (Scotend) £40.99Arrived
62130Saxon Advancing with Sword (Kenway) £41.99Arrived
62131Viking with Ravon Banner (Arnlaug) £48.99TBA
62132Viking Advancing Blowing Horn (Arnljot) £41.99Arrived
62133Viking Attacking with Sword and Axe (Brandr) £41.99TBA
62140Edgard' Saxon Defending with Spear and Kite Shield TBATBA

Latest Additions

Austin Champ 4th RHAR 7th Arm Div Germany 1957 (76AC001) £7.99 Added to website on 10/08/2022 15:35:04
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Austin Champ 4th RHAR 7th Arm Div Germany 1957 (76AC001) RRP £8.45 our price £7.99

Green Fordson Tractor (NTRAC002) £6.45 Added to website on 10/08/2022 15:33:09
Oxford Diecast N Gauge 1:148 - Green Fordson Tractor (NTRAC002)  £6.45

AC Invacar "Pale Blue" (76INV001) £6.45 Added to website on 01/04/2022 16:37:44
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - AC Invacar "Pale Blue" (76INV001)  £6.45

Roadster Silver Rear Rim (HK105-ZR-02) £22.21 Added to website on 19/03/2022 12:07:21
Pocher Spares - HK105 - Roadster Silver Rear Rim (HK105-ZR-02)  £22.21

Huracan Silver Front Rim (HK105-ZR-01) £19.99 Added to website on 19/03/2022 12:06:42
Pocher Spares - HK105 - Huracan Silver Front Rim (HK105-ZR-01)  £19.99

Land Rover Forward Control 27 Squadron RAF Leuchars (76LRFCG004) £11.49 Added to website on 25/01/2022 16:15:25
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Land Rover Forward Control 27 Squadron RAF Leuchars (76LRFCG004) RRP £12.95 our price £11.49

Scooter Blue / White (76SC001) £6.25 Added to website on 18/11/2021 11:22:51
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Scooter Blue / White (76SC001)  £6.25

Morris Minor Convertible Open Old English White / Red (76MMC005) £6.45 Added to website on 03/11/2021 13:54:06
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Morris Minor Convertible Open Old English White / Red (76MMC005)  £6.45

Commer Walk Thru British Railways - Green (OD76CWT001) £9.99 Added to website on 15/10/2021 14:37:55
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Commer Walk Thru British Railways - Green (OD76CWT001) RRP £10.95 our price £9.99

Land Rover Forward Control British Army Of The Rhine 1990 (76LRFCA004) £11.49 Added to website on 10/09/2021 12:36:00
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Land Rover Forward Control British Army Of The Rhine 1990 (76LRFCA004) RRP £12.95 our price £11.49

Welsh Ambulance (76MA001) £10.99 Added to website on 26/08/2021 10:52:58
Oxford Diecast OO Gauge 1:76 - Welsh Ambulance (76MA001) RRP £11.95 our price £10.99

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