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This is a list of current Jouef spare parts available from Hornby. we don't keep all of these parts in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in just a few days. To order please just click the part your interested in.       List updated on: 18/02/2020

This list was last updated by Hornby over 217 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

Part no.DescriptionPrice
HJ1002/1 set aggiuntivi £4.43
HJ1002/13 set ruote £4.43
HJ1002/3 trasmissione £38.89
HJ1002/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ1011/11 anelli di aderenza £2.77
HJ1011/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ1011/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ1011/6 confezione luci £11.11
HJ1011/7 scheda a circuiti st £38.89
HJ1011/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ1013/1 set aggiuntivi £4.43
HJ1013/11 anelli di aderenza £2.77
HJ1013/13 set ruote £10.00
HJ1013/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ1013/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ1013/4 confezione carrello £4.43
HJ1013/6 confezione luci £16.66
HJ1013/7 scheda a circuiti st £27.77
HJ1013/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2015/1 set aggiuntivi £6.65
HJ2015/11 anelli di aderenza £2.77
HJ2015/2 handrails + chimney £4.43
HJ2015/5 telaio loco hj2‍0‍1‍5‍ £5.54
HJ2017/1 set aggiuntivi/respi £5.54
HJ2017/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2017/13 set ruote £3.32
HJ2017/2 confezione gancio £6.65
HJ2017/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2017/4 confezione carrello £4.43
HJ2017/6 set luci £6.65
HJ2017/7 scheda circuiti stam £27.77
HJ2017/8 confezione motore £22.21
HJ2018/1 set aggiuntivi/respi £5.54
HJ2018/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2018/13 set ruote £11.11
HJ2018/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2018/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2018/4 confezione carrello £4.43
HJ2018/6 set luci £33.32
HJ2018/7 scheda circuiti stam £38.89
HJ2018/8 confezione motore £33.32
HJ2019/04 bogie (sans les roue £11.11
HJ2019/1 set aggiuntivi £8.89
HJ2019/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2019/2 kupplungssatz £4.43
HJ2019/8 motor-satz £44.44
HJ2019/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2021/07 buffer pack £3.25
HJ2021/12 motorized bogie £8.47
HJ2021/16 bogie sides £1.55
HJ2021/19 coupler mechanisms with couplers £2.15
HJ2021/20 bottom cover £1.34
HJ2021/21 sand boxes and ladders £2.39
HJ2021/22 accessories bag £4.25
HJ2021/25 handrails set £2.65
HJ2023/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2023/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2023/13 confezione ruote £16.66
HJ2023/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2023/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2023/4 confezione carrello £5.54
HJ2023/6 confezione luci £27.77
HJ2023/7 scheda circuiti stam £16.66
HJ2023/8 confezione motore £33.32
HJ2032/03 bogie moteur £4.43
HJ2032/1 set aggiuntivi £4.43
HJ2032/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2032/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2032/6 confezione luci £22.21
HJ2032/7 scheda a circuiti st £33.32
HJ2036/04 bissel £6.65
HJ2036/05 chassis de locomotiv £4.43
HJ2036/10 telaio tender £5.54
HJ2036/11 haftreifen (1‍0‍) £4.43
HJ2036/12 steuer-treibgest.kuppl. £12.22
HJ2036/2 kupplungssatz £4.43
HJ2036/3 antrieb £5.54
HJ2036/7 hauptleiterplatte £11.11
HJ2036/8 motor-satz £33.32
HJ2037/11 haftreifen (2‍) £4.43
HJ2037/13 set ruote £11.11
HJ2037/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2037/3 trasmissione £11.11
HJ2037/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2037/6 scheda circuito stam £33.32
HJ2037/7 circuito elettrico £22.21
HJ2037/8 confezione motore £22.21
HJ2037/9 confezione albero un £2.77
HJ2038/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2038/2 confezione gancio £3.32
HJ2038/3 trasmissione £11.11
HJ2038/4 drehgestell £5.54
HJ2038/6 scheda circuito stam £33.32
HJ2038/7 circuito elettrico £31.10
HJ2038/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2038/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2039/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2039/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2039/3 trasmissione £11.11
HJ2039/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2039/6 scheda circuito stam £33.32
HJ2039/7 circuito elettrico £31.10
HJ2039/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2039/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2040/04 motor £14.63
HJ2040/05 worm gear £2.84
HJ2040/08 chassis accesories £4.43
HJ2040/10 smoke generator holder £2.48
HJ2040/11 worm gear cover £1.12
HJ2040/13 chassis £14.21
HJ2040/14 handrails and trapdoor £1.70
HJ2040/15 locomotive-tender union set £1.10
HJ2040/16 pistons £4.64
HJ2040/17 dc front pony wheel £1.70
HJ2040/18 ac front pony wheel £1.60
HJ2040/19 leading bogie £1.46
HJ2040/21 gears and axles £1.66
HJ2040/22 pcb with front lights £4.64
HJ2040/23 dc wheel set £9.19
HJ2040/24 ac wheel set £9.22
HJ2040/25 dc geared axle with grip ring £2.32
HJ2040/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.32
HJ2040/28 ac rear pony wheel £1.60
HJ2040/29 trailing bogie £1.70
HJ2040/30 frame bottom lid £3.94
HJ2040/31 traction tyres £3.14
HJ2040/33 pcb £10.93
HJ2040/34 speaker box £1.06
HJ2040/35 electric box with diffuser £1.18
HJ2040/36 tender accesories 2‍ £2.89
HJ2040/37 tender accesories 3‍ £2.92
HJ2040/38 coupler £2.03
HJ2040/39 dc wheel set tender £6.91
HJ2040/40 ac wheel set tender £6.64
HJ2040/41 tender bogie base £1.42
HJ2040/42 pick ups £1.10
HJ2040/43 ac pick-up shoe and holder £2.89
HJ2043/1 set aggiuntivi £4.43
HJ2043/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2043/13 set ruote £11.11
HJ2043/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2043/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2043/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2043/6 scheda circuito stam £44.44
HJ2043/7 circuito elettrico £38.89
HJ2043/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2044/1 baugruppen-puffer-satz £4.43
HJ2044/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2044/13 radsatz/antrieb £11.11
HJ2044/2 kupplungssatz (2‍/4‍ l.) £4.43
HJ2044/3 trasmissione £38.89
HJ2044/4 drehgestell (1‍+2‍ blenden) £5.54
HJ2044/6 scheda circuito stam £44.44
HJ2044/7 scheda circuito stam £38.89
HJ2044/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2045/1 set aggiuntivi £4.43
HJ2045/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2045/13 set ruote £11.11
HJ2045/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2045/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2045/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2045/6 scheda circuito stam £44.44
HJ2045/7 circuito elettrico £38.89
HJ2045/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2046/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2046/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2046/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2046/7 circuito elettrico £33.32
HJ2046/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2046/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2047/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2047/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2047/3 trasmissione £16.66
HJ2047/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2047/6 scheda circuito stam £22.21
HJ2047/7 circuito elettrico £33.32
HJ2047/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2047/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2048/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2048/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2048/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2048/4 drehgestellblenden £4.43
HJ2048/7 scheda circuiti stam £33.32
HJ2048/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2048/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2049/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2049/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2049/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2049/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2049/6 scheda circuito stam £11.11
HJ2049/7 scheda circuiti stam £27.77
HJ2049/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2049/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2050/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2050/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2050/6 scheda circuito stam £22.21
HJ2050/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2050/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2051/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2051/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2051/7 scheda circuiti stam £27.77
HJ2051/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2051/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2052/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2052/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2052/6 scheda circuito stam £16.66
HJ2052/7 scheda circuiti stam £38.89
HJ2052/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2052/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2053/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2053/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2053/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2053/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2053/6 scheda circuito stam £16.66
HJ2053/7 circuito elettrico £38.89
HJ2053/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2053/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2054/06 front end asembly pack £3.65
HJ2054/12 motorized bogie £8.44
HJ2054/16 bogie sides £1.60
HJ2054/20 bottom cover £1.30
HJ2054/22 accesories bag £4.25
HJ2054/25 handrails set £2.59
HJ2055/03 bodyshell £19.49
HJ2055/04 cabin interior light pipes £2.89
HJ2055/05 lights board £6.53
HJ2055/06 front end assembly pack £3.65
HJ2055/07 buffer pack £3.29
HJ2055/08 main pcb board £8.80
HJ2055/09 universal shaft pack £2.65
HJ2055/10 worm gear £0.99
HJ2055/11 motor with motor support £13.43
HJ2055/12 motorized bogie £8.44
HJ2055/13 0‍ £2.65
HJ2055/14 gear set incl. gear axle £1.55
HJ2055/15 current pick-ups £1.94
HJ2055/16 bogie sides £1.55
HJ2055/18 grip rings £0.99
HJ2055/19 coupler mechanisms with couplers £2.15
HJ2055/20 bottom cover £1.34
HJ2055/21 sand boxes and ladders £2.39
HJ2055/22 accesories bag £4.25
HJ2055/23 gear box cover £1.34
HJ2055/25 handrails set £2.65
HJ2056/11 haftreifen £4.43
HJ2056/6 confezione luci £16.66
HJ2056/7 scheda circuiti stam £38.89
HJ2056/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2056/9 conf. alberi trasmis £5.54
HJ2057/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2057/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2057/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2057/7 scheda circuiti stam £16.66
HJ2057/8 confezione motore £33.32
HJ2058/1 baugruppen-puffer-satz £11.11
HJ2058/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2058/4 drehgestell o. r. (satz) £11.11
HJ2058/6 scheda circuito stam £16.66
HJ2058/7 circuito elettrico £38.89
HJ2058/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2058/9 wellensatz (2‍) £5.54
HJ2060/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2060/11 haftreifen £4.43
HJ2060/13 confezione ruote £5.54
HJ2060/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2060/3 antrieb £5.54
HJ2060/4 confezione carrello £5.54
HJ2060/6 confezione luci £11.11
HJ2060/7 scheda circuiti stam £16.66
HJ2060/8 confezione motore £33.32
HJ2060/9 conf. alberi trasmis £5.54
HJ2061/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2061/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2061/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £5.54
HJ2061/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2061/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2061/4 confezione carrello £5.54
HJ2061/6 confezione luci £11.11
HJ2061/7 scheda circuiti stam £16.66
HJ2061/8 confezione motore £33.32
HJ2061/9 conf. alberi trasmis £5.54
HJ2062/11 pneumatici trazione £4.43
HJ2062/2 confezione attacco £4.43
HJ2062/3 antrieb £44.44
HJ2062/4 telaio carrello £5.54
HJ2062/7 hauptleiterplatte £38.89
HJ2062/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2062/9 confezione albero un £5.54
HJ2064/02 locomotive body shell assembled £12.05
HJ2064/09 motor with motor support £11.39
HJ2064/13 main pcb board for dummy locomotive £11.39
HJ2064/14 bogie sides £4.75
HJ2064/18 dummy locomotive body shell assembled £13.22
HJ2064/20 plastic chassis of locomotive £6.83
HJ2065/11 anelli di aderenza £3.32
HJ2065/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £16.66
HJ2065/2 gancio £5.54
HJ2065/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2065/4 carrello £5.54
HJ2065/6 scheda luci £22.21
HJ2065/7 scheda a circuiti st £33.32
HJ2065/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2065/9 set albero di trasmi £5.54
HJ2067/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2067/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £11.11
HJ2067/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2067/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2067/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2067/6 scheda luci £16.66
HJ2067/7 scheda a circuiti st £33.32
HJ2067/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2067/9 set albero di trasmi £5.54
HJ2069/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2069/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2069/13 confezione ruote £16.66
HJ2069/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2069/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2069/4 confezione carrello £5.54
HJ2069/6 confezione luci £16.66
HJ2069/7 scheda circuiti stam £44.44
HJ2069/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2070/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2070/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2070/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £11.11
HJ2070/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2070/3 trasmissione £38.89
HJ2070/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2070/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2070/7 scheda a circuiti st £44.44
HJ2070/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2071/1 confezione aggiuntiv £5.54
HJ2071/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2071/13 confezione ruote £16.66
HJ2071/2 confezione gancio £4.43
HJ2071/3 trasmissione £44.44
HJ2071/4 confezione carrello £5.54
HJ2071/6 confezione luci £16.66
HJ2071/7 scheda circuiti stam £44.44
HJ2071/8 confezione motore £44.44
HJ2073/01 pipes 1‍ £1.87
HJ2073/07 front accesories £2.12
HJ2073/08 chassis accesories £4.13
HJ2073/16 pistons £4.30
HJ2073/17 dc front pony wheel £1.58
HJ2073/18 ac front pony wheel £1.58
HJ2073/24 ac wheel set £8.54
HJ2073/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.11
HJ2073/27 dc rear pony wheel £1.58
HJ2073/28 ac rear pony wheel £1.58
HJ2073/29 trailing bogie £1.58
HJ2073/32 tender accesories 1‍ £8.00
HJ2073/36 tender accesories 2‍ £2.66
HJ2073/37 tender accesories 3‍ £2.96
HJ2076/03 body shell £19.49
HJ2076/06 front end assembly pack £3.65
HJ2076/12 motorized bogie £8.47
HJ2076/16 bogie sides £1.55
HJ2076/22 accesories bag £4.25
HJ2076/24 roof accesories set £2.05
HJ2076/25 handrails set £2.65
HJ2077/07 buffer pack £3.01
HJ2077/08 main pcb board £7.34
HJ2077/11 motor with motor support £10.48
HJ2077/12 motorized bogie £9.05
HJ2077/16 bogie sides £1.13
HJ2077/19 coupler mechanisms with couplers £1.69
HJ2077/21 sand boxes and ladders £1.69
HJ2077/22 accessories bag £3.40
HJ2077/25 handrail set £2.45
HJ2079/06 front end assembly pack £3.77
HJ2079/07 buffer pack £3.01
HJ2079/16 bogie sides £1.13
HJ2079/19 coupler mechanisms with couplers £1.69
HJ2079/21 sand boxes and ladders £1.69
HJ2079/25 handrails set £2.45
HJ2081/04 pcb £10.78
HJ2081/06 cardan £1.90
HJ2081/07 set motor £12.88
HJ2081/09 light tubes £1.73
HJ2081/11 snowplough £3.02
HJ2081/13 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2081/14 gear box £3.02
HJ2081/17 pick-up £1.70
HJ2081/20 traction tyres £2.99
HJ2082/02 handrails £0.99
HJ2082/08 front handrails £1.25
HJ2082/09 light tubes £14.17
HJ2082/11 snowplough £1.78
HJ2083/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2083/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2083/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2089/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2089/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2089/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £5.54
HJ2089/14 pantografo £6.65
HJ2089/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2089/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2089/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2089/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2089/7 scheda a circuiti st £16.66
HJ2089/8 confezione motore h £33.32
HJ2089/9 set albero di trasmi £3.32
HJ2090/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2090/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2090/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £5.54
HJ2090/14 pantografo £6.65
HJ2090/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2090/3 trasmissione £5.54
HJ2090/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2090/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2090/7 scheda a circuiti st £16.66
HJ2090/8 confezione motore h £33.32
HJ2090/9 set albero di trasmi £3.32
HJ2095/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2095/11 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/1‍1‍ £4.43
HJ2095/13 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/1‍3‍ £5.54
HJ2095/2 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/2‍ £4.43
HJ2095/3 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/3‍ £5.54
HJ2095/4 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/4‍ £4.43
HJ2095/6 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/6‍ £11.11
HJ2095/7 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/7‍ £16.66
HJ2095/8 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/8‍ £33.32
HJ2095/9 hj2‍0‍9‍5‍/9‍ £3.32
HJ2096/1 hj2‍0‍9‍6‍/1‍ £5.54
HJ2096/11 hj2‍0‍9‍6‍/1‍1‍ £4.43
HJ2096/13 hj2‍0‍9‍6‍/1‍3‍ £5.54
HJ2096/2 hj2‍0‍9‍6‍/2‍ £4.43
HJ2096/3 hj2‍0‍9‍6‍/3‍ £5.54
HJ2096/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2096/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2096/7 scheda a circuiti st £16.66
HJ2096/8 confezione motore h £33.32
HJ2101/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2101/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2101/7 scheda a circuiti st £27.77
HJ2101/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2101/9 set albero di trasmi £5.54
HJ2102/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2102/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £11.11
HJ2102/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2102/3 trasmissione £38.89
HJ2102/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2102/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2102/7 scheda a circuiti st £44.44
HJ2102/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2103/1 set aggiuntivi £5.54
HJ2103/11 anelli di aderenza £4.43
HJ2103/13 set ruote hj2‍0‍5‍8‍ £11.11
HJ2103/15 ac contact rail shoe £4.43
HJ2103/2 gancio £4.43
HJ2103/3 trasmissione £38.89
HJ2103/4 carrello £4.43
HJ2103/6 scheda luci £11.11
HJ2103/7 scheda a circuiti st £44.44
HJ2103/8 confezione motore h £44.44
HJ2104/16 pistons £3.86
HJ2104/32 tender accesories £7.57
HJ2110/02 locomotive body shell £35.00
HJ2110/03 handrails and windscreen wiper £0.99
HJ2110/05 cabin interior £7.55
HJ2110/07 bumper £4.19
HJ2110/12 grip rings £0.99
HJ2110/14 current pick-ups £3.35
HJ2110/15 bogie lids £2.51
HJ2110/19 doors conector with trapdoor £3.35
HJ2110/20 intermediate coach bodyshell £28.00
HJ2110/21 dummy locomotive coach bodyshell £35.00
HJ2110/22 main pcb board for dummy locomotive £6.53
HJ2110/23 wheel set £1.25
HJ2110/26 dummy locomotive chassis £4.19
HJ2120/02 locomotive body shell £35.00
HJ2120/20 intermediate coach bodyshell £28.00
HJ2120/21 dummy locomotive coach bodyshell £35.00
HJ2122/02 locomotive body shell £35.00
HJ2122/20 intermediate coach bodyshell £28.00
HJ2122/21 dummy locomotive coach bodyhshell £35.00
HJ2123/01 assembly buffer pack £3.19
HJ2127/01 drive unit £7.81
HJ2127/02 assembly pack £0.99
HJ2127/03 motor pack £5.00
HJ2127/04 gear with axle £0.99
HJ2127/05 rods set £4.25
HJ2127/06 main frame base £0.99
HJ2127/07 wheel set £4.78
HJ2127/08 coupling pack £0.99
HJ2129/10 wheel current pick-up £2.41
HJ2129/11 bogie pack (no wheels) £1.49
HJ2129/16 bogie base £2.51
HJ2131/01 wheelarch £1.75
HJ2131/03 pcb with lights £10.34
HJ2131/05 non motorized bogie £13.00
HJ2131/08 gears box set £12.70
HJ2131/12 pick ups £1.43
HJ2131/16 accesories bag £8.65
HJ2135/01 pantographs set £6.20
HJ2135/02 body shell £18.58
HJ2135/03 handrails £0.99
HJ2135/04 cabin interior £2.48
HJ2135/05 cabin interior and speaker box £2.98
HJ2135/06 lights board £11.63
HJ2135/07 main pcb board £10.70
HJ2135/08 motor with motor support £14.17
HJ2135/09 buffer pack £3.10
HJ2135/10 chassis details £7.94
HJ2135/11 coupling pack £2.08
HJ2135/13 wheels sets £8.80
HJ2135/14 worm gear £3.79
HJ2135/17 chassis £7.75
HJ2135/18 axle spring £0.99
HJ2135/19 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2135/20 gear set £9.07
HJ2135/23 wheels-set for pony-truck £3.95
HJ2135/25 link for pony-truck £0.99
HJ2136/01 pantographs set £6.19
HJ2136/02 body shell £18.43
HJ2136/03 handrails £0.99
HJ2136/06 lights board £11.63
HJ2136/09 buffer pack £3.10
HJ2136/10 chassis details £7.94
HJ2136/11 coupling pack £2.05
HJ2136/21 bogie bottom cover £1.24
HJ2136/23 wheels-set for pony-truck £3.95
HJ2136/25 link for pony-truck £0.99
HJ2138/04 main pcb £11.21
HJ2138/05 worm gear £4.09
HJ2138/06 cardan £3.17
HJ2138/09 buff er beam set £1.58
HJ2138/10 chassis accesories £2.66
HJ2138/14 worm gear cover £1.45
HJ2138/15 bogie lid £1.75
HJ2138/19 bogie base £2.92
HJ2140/03 main pcb board £9.58
HJ2140/07 lights board £14.26
HJ2140/08 coupling pack £2.05
HJ2140/10 wheel current pick-up £2.63
HJ2142/04 main pcb board £17.83
HJ2142/06 universal shaft pack £2.71
HJ2142/07 motor pack £12.28
HJ2142/08 lights board £14.75
HJ2142/09 coupling pack £3.70
HJ2142/11 wheel current pick-up £1.19
HJ2142/12 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2142/13 gear box £1.19
HJ2142/14 gears and axles £7.73
HJ2142/16 grip rings £2.63
HJ2143/02 pistons £1.01
HJ2143/03 driving roads £8.50
HJ2143/05 chassis £6.70
HJ2143/06 connection rods £5.74
HJ2143/07 leading bogie £3.94
HJ2143/08 wheel set £15.77
HJ2143/09 trailing bogie £3.50
HJ2143/10 bogie base £2.84
HJ2143/11 motor pack £14.63
HJ2143/12 worm gear £3.98
HJ2143/13 coupling pack £1.70
HJ2143/14 main pcb board £3.19
HJ2143/15 tender chassis £4.48
HJ2143/18 gear box £2.84
HJ2143/19 gears £3.44
HJ2143/21 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2143/22 grip rings £3.13
HJ2143/23 bogie base (drive unit) £1.18
HJ2143/24 accessories bag £17.18
HJ2145/08 wheel set £17.89
HJ2146/01 accessory bag £3.65
HJ2146/02 motor pack £14.50
HJ2146/07 rail guards for locomotive £1.58
HJ2146/09 front coupler £1.75
HJ2146/11 rubber tyres £3.32
HJ2146/15 bogie bottom cover with pick-ups £11.15
HJ2146/18 loco-tender coupling £1.57
HJ2146/22 tender chassis bottom incl. pick-ups £7.88
HJ2147/07 front accesories £2.29
HJ2147/12 brake hoses, coupler and buffers £3.37
HJ2147/13 chassis £15.83
HJ2147/32 tender accessories £9.05
HJ2147/37 tender accesories 3‍ £3.14
HJ2147/44 complete boiler £6.28
HJ2147/47 functional original coupler (2‍ units) £2.39
HJ2150/23 dc wheel set £9.19
HJ2150/24 ac wheel set £9.19
HJ2150/25 dc geared axle with grip ring £2.27
HJ2150/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.27
HJ2150/32 tender accesories 1‍ £8.45
HJ2150/44 complete boiler £6.16
HJ2150/45 cabin £2.71
HJ2150/46 complete tender body £14.15
HJ2153/01 pipes 1‍ £2.08
HJ2153/02 bodyshell accessories £4.52
HJ2153/07 front accessories £2.24
HJ2153/09 front light £1.16
HJ2153/12 brake hoses, orginal coupler and buffers £3.35
HJ2153/13 chassis £15.28
HJ2153/16 pistons £4.52
HJ2153/44 complete boiler £5.86
HJ2153/45 cabin £2.71
HJ2153/46 complete tender body £14.33
HJ2157/01 wippers / horns £0.99
HJ2157/11 snowplough £3.29
HJ2157/12 fuel tank £1.27
HJ2157/19 bogie lids £1.70
HJ2163/01 pantographs set £8.20
HJ2163/02 body shell £18.01
HJ2163/03 handrails £3.61
HJ2163/10 chassis details £8.99
HJ2163/11 coupling pack £0.99
HJ2163/12 bogie £8.77
HJ2163/15 assembly pack £1.67
HJ2163/21 bogie bottom cover £0.99
HJ2163/23 wheels-set for pony-truck £3.80
HJ2163/25 link for pony-truck £0.99
HJ2163/29 internal lateral walls £3.43
HJ2163/30 cabin light pcb £2.54
HJ2164/02 body shell £18.01
HJ2165/02 body shell £18.41
HJ2165/03 handrails £0.99
HJ2165/09 buffer pack £3.10
HJ2165/10 chassis details £7.94
HJ2166/05 main pcb £9.55
HJ2166/10 bogie side covers £1.70
HJ2166/11 grip rings (2‍ pcs.) £0.99
HJ2166/14 gear boxes & bogie bottom covers (2‍sets) £1.42
HJ2167/01 fans + grids £21.31
HJ2167/04 handrails and windscreen wipers £0.99
HJ2167/05 decorative coupling and trap doors £1.34
HJ2167/09 motor pack £10.75
HJ2167/10 cardanic shafts £0.99
HJ2167/11 loudspeaker box £0.99
HJ2167/13 fairings £0.99
HJ2167/15 worm gear £2.32
HJ2167/16 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2167/17 gears set £3.10
HJ2167/20 bogie base £0.99
HJ2167/21 wheel £3.86
HJ2167/23 dummy unit body shell £33.95
HJ2167/24 dummy unit pcb board £6.01
HJ2167/25 couplings £1.93
HJ2167/26 towing bars £0.99
HJ2167S/50 sound decoder & pre-wired speaker £57.77
HJ2168/03 buffer accesories/buffer pack £3.49
HJ2168/09 buffer beam set £1.48
HJ2170/14 current pick-ups £0.99
HJ2170/16 gear box £1.39
HJ2179/16 bogie base £2.75
HJ2179/17 accesories bag £4.00
HJ2179S/20 decoder cc7‍2‍0‍0‍0‍ £94.99
HJ2182/11 0‍ £1.64
HJ2182/16 bogie base £2.69
HJ2183/02 asembly/ buffer pack £3.44
HJ2185/01 pipes 1‍ £2.29
HJ2185/02 bodyshell accesories £5.20
HJ2185/06 pipes 2‍ £3.89
HJ2185/07 front accesories £2.59
HJ2185/08 chassis accesories £4.90
HJ2185/11 worm gear cover £1.30
HJ2185/12 brake hoses, original coupler, buffers £3.89
HJ2185/14 handrails and trapdoor £1.90
HJ2185/15 locomotive tender union set £1.30
HJ2185/16 pistons £5.20
HJ2185/17 dc front pony wheel £1.90
HJ2185/18 ac front pony wheel £1.94
HJ2185/19 leading bogie £1.60
HJ2185/23 dc wheel set £10.30
HJ2185/24 ac wheel set £10.45
HJ2185/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.59
HJ2185/27 dc rear pony wheel £1.85
HJ2185/28 ac rear pony wheel £1.90
HJ2185/29 trailing bogie £1.90
HJ2185/30 frame botom lid £4.49
HJ2185/32 tender accesories 1‍ £9.65
HJ2185/36 tender accesories 2‍ £3.25
HJ2185/39 dc wheel set tender £7.75
HJ2185/40 ac wheel set tender £7.90
HJ2188/02 bodyshell accesories £7.51
HJ2188/13 chassis £17.35
HJ2188/23 dc wheel set £10.30
HJ2188/24 ac wheel set £10.45
HJ2188/25 dc geared axle with grip ring £2.59
HJ2188/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.59
HJ2188/32 tender accesories 1‍ £9.70
HJ2188/37 tender accesories 3‍ £3.55
HJ2188/44 complete boiler £6.64
HJ2191/07 front accesories £2.65
HJ2191/23 dc wheel set £10.30
HJ2191/24 ac wheel set £10.30
HJ2191/25 dc geared axle with grip ring £2.59
HJ2191/26 ac geared axle with grip ring £2.65
HJ2191/32 tender accesories 1‍ £9.70
HJ2191/37 tender accesories 3‍ £3.55
HJ2191/41 tender bogie base £1.64
HJ2191/44 complete boiler £6.64
HJ2191/45 cabin £3.05
HJ2194/25 tender lamps incl. light pcb £6.77
HJ2196/01 wheelarch £1.88
HJ2196/16 accessories bag £9.40
HJ2197/18 functionnal coupling bag £6.14
HJ2200/02 locomotive body shell £32.89
HJ2200/20 intermediate coach bodyshell £26.30
HJ2200/21 dummy locomotive coach bodyshell £32.89
HJ2200/27 accesories bag £0.99
HJ2201/02 locomotive body shell £32.89
HJ2201/20 intermediate coach bodyshell £26.30
HJ2201/21 dummy locomotive coach bodyshell £32.89
HJ2202/07 motor £10.43
HJ2202/08 front grid with stepladders £1.16
HJ2202/14 grips ring (2‍ units) £0.99
HJ2202/16 bogie lid £2.33
HJ2202/18 steps £0.99
HJ2203/09 chassis £5.83
HJ2203/16 bogie lid £2.33
HJ2203/17 drive unit £9.32
HJ2204/09 chassis £5.83
HJ2204/17 drive unit £9.32
HJ2209/02 locomotive body shell assembled £11.59
HJ2209/18 dummy locomotive body shell assembled £11.59
HJ2210/23 dummy unit body shell £33.95
HJ2211/02 locomotive body shell £33.95
HJ2211/23 dummy unit body shell £33.95
HJ2212/02 locomotive body shell £33.95
HJ2212/23 dummy unit body shell £33.95
HJ2213/23 dummy unit body shell £33.95
HJ2214/18 accessories bag £3.02
HJ2214/19 under frame £0.99
HJ2215/01 drive unit £14.30
HJ2215/07 wheel set £4.85
HJ2217/01 body shell £24.35
HJ2217/07 functional fan £20.96
HJ2217/12 motor pack £10.58
HJ2217/14 worm gear cover (2‍ units) £1.33
HJ2217/16 gear-set £5.71
HJ2217/18 bogie covers (for both bogies) £1.90
HJ2217/25 polybag £2.47
HJ2219/01 body shell £24.35
HJ2219/18 bogie covers (for both bogies) £1.90
HJ2221/01 body shell £24.35
HJ2221/18 bogie covers (for both bogies) £1.90
HJ2223/01 coal box, hand rails and trapdoor £1.15
HJ2223/02 cabin £0.99
HJ2223/03 boiler £13.55
HJ2223/05 main pcb board £5.38
HJ2223/06 worm gear cover £0.99
HJ2223/07 motor pack £9.67
HJ2223/08 pcb with lights £1.72
HJ2223/11 locomotive deck £4.64
HJ2223/13 lantern set £1.15
HJ2223/14 gears and axles £1.54
HJ2223/15 frame bottom lid with pick ups £1.55
HJ2223/16 water tanks £6.19
HJ2223/18 brakes gear £1.73
HJ2223/19 chassis accessories £1.73
HJ2224/01 body shell £21.28
HJ2224/17 accessories bag £4.13
HJ2224/18 diesel tank and under frame gear £18.10
HJ2226/01 body shell £21.25
HJ2228/01 body shell £21.28
HJ2228/17 accessories bag £4.13
HJ2228/18 diesel tank and under frame gear £17.59
HJ2231/21 intermediate bogies between coaches £1.84
HJ2238/18 2‍ elec plugs, tender coupler & coupling pack £1.66
HJ2238/24 motor pack £13.72
HJ2245/01 coal box, hand rails and trapdoor £1.15
HJ2245/02 cabin £0.99
HJ2245/04 bodyshell accessories £4.06
HJ2245/10 coupler £1.15
HJ2245/11 locomotive deck £4.64
HJ2245/13 lantern set £1.15
HJ2245/16 water tanks £6.19
HJ2245/18 brakes gear £1.73
HJ2245/19 chassis accessories £1.73
HJ2247/03 complete body shell £24.05
HJ2247/05 light boards £4.42
HJ2247/09 coupler packs £2.80
HJ2247/10 chassis bottom accessory parts £1.96
HJ2247/12 0‍ £4.51
HJ2247/13 wheel set with grip rings £2.44
HJ2247/14 bogie frame with accessory parts £7.64
HJ2247/16 complete bogie £20.20
HJ2250/03 complete body shell £24.05
HJ2250/09 coupler packs £2.75
HJ2250/10 chassis bottom accessory parts £1.96
HJ2250/14 bogie frame with accessory parts £7.64
HJ2250/16 complete bogie £20.20
HJ2252/03 complete body shell £24.80
HJ2252/10 chassis bottom accessory parts £1.94
HJ2252/14 bogie frame with accessory parts £7.78
HJ2252/16 complete bogie £21.53
HJ2252/17 accessory bag £3.40
HJ2259/05 main pcb pre-wired £11.18
HJ2259/07 traction unit (2‍ units) £7.37
HJ2259/09 motor set £10.70
HJ2259/10 bogie side covers (4‍ units) £9.83
HJ2259/12 0‍ £2.96
HJ2259/14 polybag (delivered in box with locomotive) £4.91
HJ2259/15 under frame £7.37
HJ2259/17 metal chassis £8.62
HJ2259/18 metal part of roof £4.18
HJ2259/19 pcb with 2‍ light board pre-wired & light diffusers £3.70
HJ2259/21 wheel set with grip rings (2‍ units) £2.96
HJ2260/01 hand rails and trapdoor £1.13
HJ2260/03 boiler £13.34
HJ2260/04 bodyshell accesories £4.00
HJ2260/16 water tanks £6.10
HJ2262/01 coal box, hand rails and trapdoor £1.13
HJ2262/02 cabin £0.99
HJ2262/03 boiler £13.34
HJ2262/04 bodyshell accessories £4.00
HJ2262/16 water tanks £6.04
HJ2264/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2264/04 cabins interior with light pipes £2.20
HJ2264/05 handrails set £1.79
HJ2264/13 bogies (2‍ units) £22.67
HJ2264/18 bogie covers (for both bogies) £2.20
HJ2264B/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2264B/08 front accessories £2.95
HJ2266/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2266A/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2268/08 front accessories £2.75
HJ2268A/13 bogies £22.10
HJ2268A/18 bogie covers (for both bogies) £2.17
HJ2270/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2270/08 front accessories £2.75
HJ2270A/01 body shell £28.63
HJ2270A/08 front accessories £2.95
HJ2272/01 body shell £28.34
HJ2274/03 complete body shell £24.05
HJ2274/10 chassis bottom accessory parts £1.94
HJ2274/14 bogie frame with with accessory parts £7.64
HJ2276/01 pipes 1‍ £10.43
HJ2276/02 body shell £14.15
HJ2276/03 smoke deflectors £2.12
HJ2276/06 pipes 2‍ £8.54
HJ2276/09 front light £2.98
HJ2276/13 chassis £17.54
HJ2276/14 handrails and doors £2.98
HJ2276/17 dc front pony wheel £2.98
HJ2276/20 connecting rod £4.48
HJ2276/23 dc wheel set POA
HJ2276/25 dc geared axle with grips POA
HJ2276/27 dc rear pony truck POA
HJ2276/37 tender accessories 3‍ POA
HJ2276/39 dc wheel set tender POA
HJ2279/03 dummy locomotive body shell £41.00
HJ2283/50 decoder sound with loudspeaker £88.78
HJ2285/07 lights board and lights diffusor £2.38
HJ2285/08 main pcb board £9.25
HJ2285/09 traction unit £17.18
HJ2285/10 coupling pack £0.99
HJ2285/13 internal lateral walls (metal) £1.18
HJ2285/15 current pick-ups £4.75
HJ2285/16 0‍ £3.97
HJ2285/18 wheels with grip rings £4.22
HJ2286/01 pantographs set £5.68
HJ2286/10 coupling pack £0.99
HJ2286/16 0‍ £3.97
HJ2286/18 wheels with grip rings £4.22
HJ2288/02 roof accessories set £11.54
HJ2288/03 main pcb board £20.99
HJ2288/05 accessories set £14.69
HJ2288/07 wheel with grip ring £3.67
HJ2288/08 0‍ £3.37
HJ2288/09 motor with motor support £28.87
HJ2288/10 complete motorized bogie £15.22
HJ2288/11 traction unit £14.69
HJ2288/12 grip rings £2.62
HJ2288/13 gear box cover £1.57
HJ2288/14 current pick-ups £3.37
HJ2288/15 bogie sides £1.79
HJ2288/16 complete chassis´s bottom £3.37
HJ2288/17 origin accessories bag £4.94
HJ2289/01 bodyshell £22.43
HJ2289/02 main pcb board pre-wired, dummy decoder & screw £9.91
HJ2289/08 gear box and gearing £5.44
HJ2289/10 grips ring £1.78
HJ2289/14 polybag £3.82
HJ2290/01 bodyshell £22.43
HJ2290/14 polybag £3.85
HJ2295/01 assembled & complete drive unit with motor £6.40
HJ2295/03 motor pack £6.40
HJ2295/04 electronic board £6.40
HJ2295/08 coupling pack £3.83
HJ2318/01 bodyshell £26.45
HJ2318/17 under bottom of chassis in metal with screws £5.15
HJ2319/01 bodyshell £26.45
HJ2319/16 metal handrails of bodyshell £0.99
HJ2319/17 under bottom of chassis in metal with screws £5.15
HJ2326/05 coach bogies (2‍ units) £14.62
HJ2326/12 buffer beam accessories £8.99
HJ2326/14 complete motorized bogie & dummy (4‍ units) £62.99
HJ2326/18A end body shell coach zradru 1‍2‍3‍ 0‍6‍1‍ £23.24
HJ2326/18B end body shell coach zrbru 8‍2‍3‍ 0‍6‍1‍ £26.62
HJ2326/19 plastic chassis of locomotive £14.24
HJ2326/20 intermediate bogies between coaches (4‍ units) £22.49
HJ2326/21 locomotive windscreens (2‍ units) £8.99
HJ2326/22 intermediate body shell coaches 2‍nd class £8.99
HJ2326/23 intermediate body shell coaches 1‍st class £41.24
HJ2326/24 intermediate body shell coaches bar £41.24
HJ2326/26 dummy decoder £67.49
HJ2326/27 bogie sides of loco (with screw & metallic bar) £13.49
HJ2326/28 complete chassis for loco (metallic & plastic parts) £26.24
HJ2345/06 buffer beamaccessories £7.49
HJ2346/02 roof accessories set £3.85
HJ2346/05 lights board £10.92
HJ2346/21 complete packaging £20.44
HJ2351/01 pipes 1‍ POA
HJ2351/02 body shell POA
HJ2351/03 smoke deflectors POA
HJ2351/06 pipes 2‍ POA
HJ2351/13 chassis POA
HJ2351/17 dc front pony wheel POA
HJ2351/20 connecting rod POA
HJ2351/23 dc wheel set POA
HJ2351/25 dc geared axle with grips POA
HJ2351/27 dc rear pony truck POA
HJ2351/32 tender accessories POA
HJ2351/37 tender accessories 3‍ POA
HJ2351/39 dc wheel set tender POA
HJ2351/44 complete boiler POA
HJ2351/45 cabin POA
HJ2352/01 pipes 1‍ POA
HJ2352/02 body shell POA
HJ2352/03 smoke deflectors £2.98
HJ2352/06 pipes 2‍ £8.54
HJ2352/09 front light £2.98
HJ2352/13 chassis £17.54
HJ2352/17 dc front pony wheel £2.98
HJ2352/20 connecting rod £9.20
HJ2352/23 dc wheel set £14.42
HJ2352/25 dc geared axle with grips £5.75
HJ2352/27 dc rear pony truck £2.98
HJ2352/32 tender accessories £13.55
HJ2352/39 dc wheel set tender POA
HJ2352/44 complete boiler £27.05
HJ2352/45 cabin £10.91
HJ2356/14 complete motorized bogie assembley for locomotive and dummy locomotive (4‍ units) £62.99
HJ2357/05 coach bogies (2‍ units) £2.92
HJ2358/01 pantographs set (4‍ units) £26.24
HJ2358/03 cover accessories POA
HJ2358/04 set printing circuit with lights and diffusers £8.69
HJ2358/05 motor main pcb £27.05
HJ2358/09 bogey dc set POA
HJ2358/10 bogey ac set POA
HJ2358/11 dc wheels with gears POA
HJ2358/12 ac wheels with gears POA
HJ2358/17 0‍ £9.86
HJ2358/18 0‍ POA
HJ2358/22 front accessories £8.99
HJ2358/23 intermediate bogies between coaches dc POA
HJ2358/24 intermediate bogies between coaches ac POA
HJ2358/25 intermediate bogie POA
HJ2358/26 coach wheels dc POA
HJ2358/27 coach wheels ac POA
HJ2358/28 coupler accessories £10.49
HJ2359/01 roof accessories POA
HJ2359/08 buffer £3.89
HJ2359/09 air hose and screw coupling set POA
HJ2359/10 steps set POA
HJ2359/11 upper light with printed circuit 5‍ pinds dc POA
HJ2359/12 printed circuit dc POA
HJ2359/13 upper light with printed circuit 7‍ pins dc POA
HJ2359/14 chassis accessories POA
HJ2359/15 couplings complete POA
HJ2359/16 non motorised bogie dc POA
HJ2359/17 0‍ POA
HJ2359/18 non-motorised bogey accessories set POA
HJ2359/19 motorised bogie dc POA
HJ2359/20 wheel set with dc gear and rubber tyre POA
HJ2359/21 worm cover POA
HJ2359/22 gears POA
HJ2359/23 rubber tyre set POA
HJ2359/24 motorised bogie with accessories set POA
HJ2361/01 roof accessories POA
HJ2361/02 wipers £1.12
HJ2361/08 buffer POA
HJ2361/09 air hose and screw coupling set POA
HJ2361/14 chassis accessories POA
HJ2361/15 couplings complete POA
HJ2361/16 non motorised bogie dc POA
HJ2361/18 non-motorised bogey accessories set POA
HJ2361/19 motorised bogie dc £8.44
HJ2361/24 motorised bogie with accessories set POA
HJ2365/03 main pcb board POA
HJ2379/02 bodyshell accesories set £4.48
HJ2379/03 pistons £5.21
HJ2379/04 printed circuit board £9.76
HJ2379/05 gear with axle POA
HJ2379/06 motor set £9.76
HJ2379/07 chassis £10.48
HJ2379/09 wheel sets £5.23
HJ2379/10 chassis bottom include current pick-ups £4.48
HJ2379/11 coupling