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This is a list of current Bachmann Scenecraft OO Buildings available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 05/09/2019

This list was last updated over 73 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

202 items listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
44-0003Brick Base Water Tower £33.99N/A
44-0008Two Platform Ramps £12.99N/A
44-0009Container Terminal Crane £144.49In Stock
44-0019Thatched Cottage £31.49N/A
44-0022Corrugated Goods Shed £35.99N/A
44-0026Electrical Relay Room £26.99N/A
44-00322‍8‍' Static Caravan £29.49In Stock
44-0036Yard Crane and Loading Gauge £31.49In Stock
44-004Provender Store 1‍1‍5‍mm x 1‍1‍0‍mm x 7‍5‍mm £35.99In Stock
44-0044Concrete footbridge £40.49In Stock
44-0049Incline Winding House £23.49In Stock
44-0051Stables £23.49In Stock
44-0053Servicing Point £50.99In Stock
44-0056Dutch Barn £24.99In Stock
44-0058Pig Sty £23.49In Stock
44-0059Art Deco Signal Box £46.49In Stock
44-006Corrugated Goods Shed £35.99In Stock
44-0060March West Signal Box £52.49N/A
44-0061Twin Track Footbridge £53.49In Stock
44-0063Round Boiler House Chimney £22.49In Stock
44-0064Parachute Water Tower £32.49N/A
44-0065March Station Waiting Room £44.99In Stock
44-0066March Station Ticket Office £44.99In Stock
44-0067March Station Facilities and Stores £44.99In Stock
44-0068March Station Canopy £29.49In Stock
44-0069Tabernacle £44.99In Stock
44-0070Prefab Commercial Building £31.49In Stock
44-0071Station Café £22.49In Stock
44-0072Weybourne Road Bridge £40.49In Stock
44-0073Weybourne Water Crane and Tank £33.99In Stock
44-0074Downham Market Signal Box £35.99In Stock
44-0075Colliery Pit Head Lift £50.99In Stock
44-0076Watermill £42.99In Stock
44-0077Filling Station £37.49In Stock
44-0078Crossing Keeper's Cottage £26.99In Stock
44-0079Grain Warehouse £63.49In Stock
44-0080Beach Huts £17.99In Stock
44-0081Stone Cattle Dock £25.99In Stock
44-0082Hampton Station Building with Lights £59.49In Stock
44-0083Hampton Station Booking Office with Lights £40.49In Stock
44-0084Hampton Lodge with Lights £54.99In Stock
44-0085Office Building with Lights £44.99In Stock
44-0086Industrial Gate House £80.49In Stock
44-0087Industrial Yard Office £15.99In Stock
44-0088Industrial Stores and Canopy £46.49In Stock
44-0089Presflo Loading Hopper £54.99In Stock
44-0090Small Industrial Unit £31.49In Stock
44-0091Goods Unloading Shed  £67.99In Stock
44-0092Motorail Car Loading Point £35.99In Stock
44-0093Gents Toilet and Staff Room £35.99In Stock
44-0094Rendered Prefab Building £46.49In Stock
44-0095Stone Booking Hall £84.99In Stock
44-0096Stone Waiting Room £35.99In Stock
44-0097Weavers Cottage £54.99In Stock
44-0098Estate Cottages £63.49In Stock
44-0099The Gate Inn £63.49In Stock
44-0100Midsomer Norton Signal Box £63.49In Stock
44-0109Telecommunications cabin £24.99Arrival Q3
44-0110Depot Storage tanks £40.49Arrival Q3
44-0111Steel Frame Crane £50.99Arrival Q4
44-0112Cylindrical Tanks £31.49Arrival Q3
44-0113Brick Boiler Room £22.49Arrival Q3
44-016Fuel Storage Tanks £40.49In Stock
44-017Modern Servicing Depot £84.99In Stock
44-0200Low Relief Honey Stone Smithy £26.99Arrival Q3
44-0201Low Relief Corner Pub, The Red Lion £35.99Arrival Q3
44-0202Low Relief Municipal reinforced concrete housing £35.99Arrival Q3
44-0203Low Relief Pebble Dash Terrace House £30.49Arrival Q3
44-0204Low Relief Cottage Hospital £44.99Arrival Q4
44-0205Low Relief Victorian Factory Front £35.99Arrival Q4
44-035Bicycle Rack £11.49In Stock
44-036Sectional Lineside £10.99In Stock
44-040Diesel Fuelling Point £13.49TBA
44-041Sanding Plan £26.99In Stock
44-042Lifting Jacks (x4‍)  £8.99In Stock
44-047Hampton Hill Platelayers Hut £13.49In Stock
44-050Four Road Engine Shed £135.99In Stock
44-0500Lineside Relay Boxes and Telephone £15.49Arrival Q3
44-0501Wooden Relay boxes £13.49Arrival Q3
44-0502Police Box £13.49Arrival Q4
44-0503K8‍ phone boxes (x2‍) £22.49Arrival Q4
44-0504Bell Tent £24.99Arrival Q4
44-05056‍' Garden Fencing £10.99Arrival Q4
44-052Concrete Mixing Hopper £35.99In Stock
44-053Aggregate Weigh Station £44.99In Stock
44-054Industrial Silo £31.49In Stock
44-055Site Office £26.99In Stock
44-065Art Deco Platform Centre Building £35.99In Stock
44-066Art Deco Station Building  £71.99In Stock
44-067Art Deco Platform End Building £26.99In Stock
44-068Art Deco Subway Building £26.99In Stock
44-081Portable Offices £33.49In Stock
44-084Flat Roof Garage £14.49In Stock
44-115AGentlemen's Toilet GCR Green & Cream £17.99In Stock
44-115BGentlemen's Toilet 1‍9‍2‍0‍s-4‍0‍s Brown & Cream £17.99In Stock
44-115CGentlemen's Toilet - 1‍9‍5‍0‍s-6‍0‍s Maroon & Cream £17.99In Stock
44-116AWaiting Room GCR Green & Cream £35.99In Stock
44-116BWaiting Room 1‍9‍2‍0‍s-4‍0‍s Brown & Cream £35.99In Stock
44-116CWaiting Room 1‍9‍5‍0‍s-6‍0‍s Maroon & Cream £35.99In Stock
44-117AStation Booking Office and Canopy GCR Green & Cream £45.99In Stock
44-117BStation Booking Office and Canopy 1‍9‍2‍0‍s-4‍0‍s Brown & Cream £45.99In Stock
44-117CStation Booking Office and Canopy 1‍9‍5‍0‍s-6‍0‍s Maroon & Cream £45.99In Stock
44-119AHigh Level Station Entrance GCR Green & Cream £76.49In Stock
44-119BHigh Level Station Entrance 1‍9‍2‍0‍s-4‍0‍s Brown & Cream £76.49In Stock
44-119CHigh Level Station Entrance 1‍9‍5‍0‍s-6‍0‍s Maroon & Cream £76.49In Stock
44-121Central Single Track Road Bridge £35.99In Stock
44-126Single Road Servicing Shed £54.99In Stock
44-153Two Straight Platforms £13.49TBA
44-184Mechanical Wash Plant £44.99In Stock
44-189Gated Level Crossing (single track) £34.99In Stock
44-202Low Relief Front Terraced Houses £21.49TBA
44-225Low Relief Retaining Walls £15.49In Stock
44-228Low Relief Double Track Tunnel Portal £17.99In Stock
44-243Low Relief Lyons Corner House £20.49N/A
44-261Low Relief Station Hotel £38.49In Stock
44-271Low Relief Police Station £29.49N/A
44-275Low Relief Model Shop £25.99In Stock
44-276Low Relief Fishing Tackle Shop £22.49In Stock
44-283Low Relief 'McMillan's Mounts' Cycle Shop £24.99In Stock
44-284Low Relief 'Lovett's Lamb and Meats' Butcher £25.99In Stock
44-285Low Relief 'Parson's Properties' Estate Agent £24.99In Stock
44-286Low Relief 'The Ship Inn' Pub £24.99In Stock
44-287Low Relief Railway Arches £44.99In Stock
44-288Urban Stone walling  £14.49In Stock
44-289Low Relief Modular Mill Façade £31.49In Stock
44-290Low Relief Modular Mill Entrance £13.49In Stock
44-291"In Cod We Trust" £30.49In Stock
44-292Single tunnel Portal £26.99In Stock
44-294Double Track Tunnel, Single Bore £31.49Arrival Q3
44-295Low Relief Honey Stone Cottage £29.49Arrival Q3
44-296Low Relief Honey Stone Post Office and Shop £29.49Arrival Q3
44-501Commercial Lid Skips (x4‍) £7.99In Stock
44-502Station Modernisation Pack £9.49In Stock
44-504Cable Drums (x4‍) £6.95In Stock
44-505Security Fence (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-506Kiosk £8.99In Stock
44-510Shelters (x2‍)  £9.99In Stock
44-513Modern Toilet (x2‍) £15.99TBA
44-514Benches (x4‍) £7.99In Stock
44-515Greenhouse (x2‍) £15.99In Stock
44-516Garden Shed (x2‍)  £10.99In Stock
44-517Brute Trolleys (x4‍) £6.99In Stock
44-518Wooden Barrels (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-519Oil Barrels (x1‍0‍) £5.95In Stock
44-520Metal Beer Kegs (x1‍0‍) £5.95In Stock
44-521Milk Churns (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-522Old Style Domestic Dustbins (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-523CCTV Security Cameras (x1‍0‍) £4.95N/A
44-524Fire Buckets (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-525Domestic Wheelie Bins (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-526Industrial Chemical Drums (x1‍0‍) £4.95In Stock
44-527Propane Cylinders (x1‍0‍) £5.95In Stock
44-528Air Conditioning Units (x1‍0‍) £4.95N/A
44-529Traffic Island Bollards (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-530Cast Iron Bollards (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-531Concrete Bollards (x1‍0‍) £4.95In Stock
44-532Large Aggregate Bags (x1‍0‍) £6.95In Stock
44-534Satellite Dishes (x1‍0‍) £10.99In Stock
44-535TV Aerials (x1‍0‍) £10.99In Stock
44-536Two Domestic/Small Industrial Tanks £15.49TBA
44-537Caged Gas Bottles (x4‍) £9.99In Stock
44-538Domestic Coal Bunkers £4.95In Stock
44-539Platform Tractor Unit (x2‍) £11.49In Stock
44-541Walls & Gates £9.99In Stock
44-542Concrete Platform Lamps (x4‍) £8.99In Stock
44-543Metal Platform Lamps (x4‍) £8.99In Stock
44-545Tarpaulin Covered Wagon Loads (x4‍) £5.95In Stock
44-546Grit Boxes (x4‍) £5.95In Stock
44-547Cycle Cabinets (x2‍) £6.95N/A
44-548Station Signage Set £7.99In Stock
44-551Coal Loads for 4‍ Wheel Wagons (x4‍) £7.99In Stock
44-552Ballast Loads for 4‍ Wheel Wagons (x4‍) £7.99In Stock
44-555Stone Walls and Gates £14.49In Stock
44-559Street Lamps (x4‍) £6.95In Stock
44-560Lineside Cabinets £8.99In Stock
44-561Wooden Post Yard Lamps (x2‍) £11.49TBA
44-562Metal Fencing (x5‍) £9.99In Stock
44-563Straight Pavements (x4‍) £8.99In Stock
44-564Corner Pavements and Drop Kerbs £6.95In Stock
44-5656‍ft Victorian Wall Sections £7.99In Stock
44-566Memorial £6.95In Stock
44-567Coolant Trolleys (x4‍) £8.99In Stock
44-571Fresh Fish Stall £17.99N/A
44-572Midland Water Crane (Platform Mounted) £14.49In Stock
44-573Platform Monitors and Camera £15.49In Stock
44-574Colour Light Signals £12.49In Stock
44-578Passenger Information Screen £6.95In Stock
44-580Dry Stone Walling and Gate £7.99In Stock
44-582Musketeer Caravan £24.49In Stock
44-583Two Market Stalls £24.49In Stock
44-585Roadside Rescue Phone Boxes £22.49In Stock
44-586Ground Lever Frame and Board £13.49In Stock
44-587Fibre Board Hut £6.99In Stock
44-590Tall Retaining Walls £20.49In Stock
44-591Concrete Single Arm Lampost (x4‍) £13.49In Stock
44-592Sleeved Street Lamposts £13.49In Stock
44-593Concrete Bus Shelter £12.49In Stock
44-594Southern Platform Lamps (x4‍) £20.49In Stock
44-595Sleeper built fencing  £11.49In Stock
44-596Small kiosk £11.49In Stock
44-597Platform Vending Machines £22.49In Stock
44-598Platform Accessories £17.99In Stock

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One-Third Section 18 Radius Curved Track - Pack Of 4 (44530) £9.49 Added to website on 15/11/2019 14:10:10
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2¼ Straight Track - Pack Of 4 (44513) £7.99 Added to website on 15/11/2019 14:09:25
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EWS Class 47/7 Co-Co "47798" Prince William (R3757) £71.99 Added to website on 09/11/2019 13:57:27
Hornby Railroad Diesel/Electric Locomotives - EWS Class 47/7 Co-Co "47798" Prince William (R3757) RRP £79.99 our price £71.99

BR Mk1 Carflat BR Bauxite "TOPS" (38-900) £33.49 Added to website on 05/11/2019 14:36:13
Bachmann OO Wagons - BR Mk1 Carflat BR Bauxite "TOPS" (38-900) RRP £36.95 our price £33.49

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