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This is a list of current Bachmann HO Wagons available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 05/09/2019

This list was last updated over 76 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

305 items listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
14401PRR #9‍2‍3‍0‍ 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
14402B&O #7‍6‍3‍ 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
14403Union Pacific #5‍7‍1‍4‍ 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
14404Southern Pacific Daylight #2‍9‍5‍ 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
14405Painted, Unlettered - Aluminum 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
14406PRR #6‍7‍0‍7‍ - Fleet of Modernism 7‍2‍' Smooth-Side Baggage Car TBATBA
149015‍0‍' Braced Box Car Railbox (Flashing Led)  £38.99In Stock
149025‍0‍' Braced Box Car Burlington Northern (Flashing Led)  £38.99In Stock
149035‍0‍' Braced Box Car Canadian National (Flashing Led)  £38.99In Stock
149045‍0‍' Braced Box Car Csx (Flashing Led)  £38.99In Stock
149055‍0‍' Braced Box Car Greenville & Nrthrn R/way (Flashing Led)  £38.99In Stock
149065‍0‍' Braced Box Car Norfolk Southern #4‍0‍0‍0‍2‍8‍ £38.99TBA
150034‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Burlington £21.49N/A
150044‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Nickel Plate Road  £21.49N/A
150054‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Delaware & Hudson  £21.49In Stock
150064‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Chesapeake & Ohio £21.49N/A
150074‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Santa Fe #1‍3‍6‍2‍8‍7‍ £21.49TBA
150084‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car Union Pacific #1‍2‍5‍7‍9‍7‍ £21.49TBA
150094‍0‍' Steam Era Box Car New York Central £21.49TBA
15901Live Poultry Transit Co. #6‍8‍2‍ (Black & White) TBATBA
15902Live Poultry Transportation Co. #2‍5‍1‍ (Green & White) TBATBA
15903Palace Live Poultry Car Co. #4‍2‍0‍7‍ (Brown & Yellow) TBATBA
15904Stentz Palace Poultry Car #5‍1‍4‍1‍ (Yellow) TBATBA
160014‍0‍’ Box Car Great Northern #2‍3‍5‍7‍ (Green & Orange) £21.49TBA
160024‍0‍’ Box Car Chesapeake & Ohio #1‍3‍0‍9‍8‍ £21.49TBA
160034‍0‍’ Box Car Boston & Maine #2‍1‍0‍9‍ £21.49TBA
161022‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Santa Fe £46.99TBA
161102‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Reading £46.99In Stock
161142‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Pennsylvania £46.99In Stock
161222‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Chesapeake & Ohio £46.99N/A
161382‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Maintenance of Way £46.99TBA
161492‍5‍0‍-Ton Steam Crane & Boom Tender Silver & Black Unlettered £46.99N/A
16301Track Cleaning Tank Car Maintenance of Way £37.49N/A
16302Track Cleaning Tank Car UTLX £37.49N/A
16303Track Cleaning Tank Car Oxide Red Unlettered £37.49N/A
16304Track Cleaning Tank Car Silver Unlettered £37.49N/A
16305Track Cleaning Tank Car Union Pacific Potable Water  £37.49In Stock
16316Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Damage Control Car Union Pacific £37.49In Stock
16317Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Box Car Western Pacific (Feather) £37.49In Stock
16318Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Box Car Missouri Pacific £37.49In Stock
16319Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Box Car Timken £37.49In Stock
16331Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Agar Packing Company  £35.99TBA
16332Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Evansville Packing Co. £35.99TBA
16333Track Cleaning 4‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Ramapo Valley  £35.99In Stock
16401Old-Time Blacksmith Car Baltimore & Ohio £40.99N/A
16402Old-Time Blacksmith Car Western & Atlantic £40.99N/A
16403Old-Time Blacksmith Car Central Pacific £40.99N/A
16404Old-Time Blacksmith Car U.S. Military Rr £40.99N/A
16416Old-Time Derrick Car Virginia & Truckee £40.99N/A
16417Old-Time Derrick Car Canadian Pacific £40.99N/A
16418Old-Time Derrick Car Pennsylvania Lines £40.99N/A
16419Old-Time Derrick Car U.S. Military Railroad £40.99N/A
165014‍0‍' Santa Fe Map Box Car Super Chief  £21.49In Stock
165024‍0‍' Santa Fe Map Box Car Scout £21.49In Stock
165034‍0‍' Santa Fe Map Box Car Grand Canyon £21.49In Stock
165044‍0‍' Santa Fe Map Box Car El Capitan £21.49In Stock
165054‍0‍' Santa Fe Map Box Car Chief £21.49In Stock
167025‍2‍'6‍" Flat Car Baltimore & Ohio with REA EXPRESS Trailer £35.49N/A
167035‍2‍'6‍" Flat Car NYC with New York Central Trailer £35.49N/A
167045‍2‍'6‍" Flat Car Reading with Reading Trailer £35.49N/A
16806Northeast Steel Caboose Red Unlettered  £31.49In Stock
16812Northeast Steel Caboose Delaware & Hudson £31.49In Stock
16815Northeast Steel Caboose Lehigh Valley #9‍5‍0‍9‍4‍ £31.49In Stock
16817Northeast Steel Caboose Norfolk & Western Red #5‍0‍0‍8‍2‍5‍ £31.49N/A
16818Northeast Steel Caboose Boston & Maine #C-1‍2‍0‍ £31.49N/A
16821Northeast Steel Caboose Penn Central #1‍8‍4‍1‍9‍ - Jade Green  £31.49TBA
16822Northeast Steel Caboose Conrail #1‍8‍6‍1‍9‍ - Blue  £31.49TBA
16823Northeast Steel Caboose Western Maryland #1‍8‍6‍3‍(Spd Ltring) £31.49TBA
16949Track Cleaning Replacement Pads (2‍/Pack) £15.99N/A
170014‍0‍’ Box Car New York, Susquehanna & Western (Suzy Q) £21.49N/A
170044‍0‍' Box Car Southern £21.49N/A
170054‍0‍’ Box Car Seaboard £21.49In Stock
170074‍0‍’ Box Car Claus Candy Cane Co. £21.49In Stock
170114‍0‍’ Box Car Maine Central #5‍5‍2‍7‍ £21.49TBA
170144‍0‍’ Box Car Pennsylvania Merchandise Service £21.49N/A
170154‍0‍’ Box Car Northern Pacific #2‍7‍2‍3‍1‍ £21.49TBA
170224‍0‍’ Box Car Missouri Pacific 'Herbie' £21.49N/A
170254‍0‍’ Box Car Chicago & Illinois Midland £21.49N/A
170314‍0‍’ Box Car New Haven Red £21.49N/A
170324‍0‍’ Box Car Toledo, Peoria & Western £21.49N/A
170384‍0‍’ Box Car Bangor & Aroostock £21.49N/A
171024‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car British American Oil #BAOX 3‍7‍6‍9‍ £21.49N/A
171034‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Allegheny Refining £21.49N/A
171054‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Protex Industries £21.49In Stock
171064‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Carbide And Carbon Chemicals £21.49In Stock
171074‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Shell #1‍2‍5‍8‍ £21.49TBA
171084‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car PRR #4‍9‍8‍6‍4‍7‍ £21.49TBA
171094‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car UTLX #5‍9‍8‍1‍4‍ £21.49TBA
171374‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Quaker State £21.49N/A
171424‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Transcontinental Oil Co. £21.49N/A
171454‍0‍’ Three-Dome Tank Car Cook Paint & Varnish Co. £21.49N/A
172024‍0‍’ Gondola Pennsylvania £18.99In Stock
172034‍0‍’ Gondola Burlington Northern £18.99In Stock
172044‍0‍' Gondola Southern £18.99N/A
172054‍0‍' Gondola Bethlehem Steel £18.99TBA
172064‍0‍' Gondola Union Pacific #6‍5‍2‍6‍6‍ £18.99TBA
172074‍0‍' Gondola Norfolk & Western #7‍0‍0‍6‍3‍ £18.99TBA
172114‍0‍' Gondola Great Northern £18.99In Stock
172134‍0‍' Gondola Canadian National £18.99In Stock
172294‍0‍' Gondola Northern Pacific £18.99N/A
172314‍0‍' Gondola New Haven £18.99N/A
173025‍2‍' Flat Car Santa Fe £20.49N/A
173035‍2‍' Flat Car Union Pacific £20.49In Stock
173045‍2‍' Flat Car Erie Lackawanna £20.49In Stock
173055‍2‍' Flat Car Great Northern #6‍5‍2‍2‍6‍ £20.49TBA
173145‍2‍' Flat Car Pennsylvania £20.49N/A
173225‍2‍' Flat Car Chesapeake & Ohio £20.49N/A
173335‍2‍' Flat Car Northern Pacific £20.49N/A
173425‍2‍' Flat Car Norfolk & Western £20.49In Stock
175015‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper CSX £22.49N/A
175025‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper Santa Fe £22.49N/A
175055‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper BNSF £22.49In Stock
175205‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper New York Central Jade Green £22.49N/A
175235‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper New York Central Grey £22.49N/A
175295‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper CP Rail £22.49N/A
175315‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper Cargill Salt £22.49N/A
175345‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper Shell £22.49N/A
175595‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper Chicago & North Western £22.49TBA
175605‍6‍’ ACF Centre-Flow Hopper Conrail £22.49TBA
176034‍0‍’ Quad Hopper PRR £20.49In Stock
176044‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Southern £20.49N/A
176054‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Chesapeake & Ohio £20.49N/A
176064‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Baltimore & Ohio £20.49In Stock
176074‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Norfolk & Western £20.49In Stock
176084‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Rock Island £20.49N/A
176184‍0‍’ Quad Hopper CSX £20.49N/A
176274‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Delaware & Hudson £20.49N/A
176424‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Norfolk & Western £20.49In Stock
176444‍0‍’ Quad Hopper Boston & Maine £20.49N/A
177013‍6‍' Wide-Vision Caboose Union Pacific £20.49N/A
177043‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Santa Fe £20.49In Stock
177053‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Chesapeake & Ohio £20.49TBA
177063‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Rio Grande #1‍5‍1‍1‍ £20.49TBA
177073‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Chessie - Orange #9‍0‍3‍1‍1‍8‍ £20.49TBA
177083‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Delaware & Hudson #3‍5‍7‍1‍9‍ £20.49TBA
177093‍6‍' Wide-Vision Caboose Chessie System £20.49In Stock
177123‍6‍’ Wide-Vision Caboose Erie Lackawanna #C3‍6‍5‍ £20.49TBA
178084‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car Shell #1‍7‍5‍8‍ £21.49TBA
178094‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car Clark #9‍4‍8‍5‍ £21.49TBA
178104‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car Quaker State #7‍8‍1‍ £21.49TBA
17811Eastman Chemical Products UTLX #3‍5‍2‍9‍4‍ £21.49TBA
178124‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car British American Oil (Silver) £21.49In Stock
178134‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car American Maize Products Co. £21.49In Stock
178144‍0‍’ Single Dome Tank Car J.M. Huber £21.49In Stock
178154‍0‍' Single-Dome Tank Car U.S. Army £21.49N/A
178284‍0‍' Single-Dome Tank Car Texaco £21.49N/A
178324‍0‍' Single-Dome Tank Car Gramps £21.49N/A
178424‍0‍' Single-Dome Tank Car Tidewater £21.49N/A
178474‍0‍' Single-Dome Tank Car C.F. Simonin's Sons Inc. £21.49N/A
179015‍0‍' Steel Reefer Union Pacific £21.49N/A
179045‍0‍' Steel Reefer Railway Express £21.49N/A
179055‍0‍' Steel Reefer Chicago & Northwestern £21.49N/A
179065‍0‍' Steel Reefer Canadian Pacific £21.49N/A
179075‍0‍’ Steel Reefer ATSF £21.49In Stock
179085‍0‍’ Steel Reefer Bangor & Aroostook £21.49In Stock
179285‍0‍' Steel Reefer Erie Lackawanna £21.49In Stock
179465‍0‍' Steel Reefer Tropicana Orange £21.49N/A
179475‍0‍' Steel Reefer Tropicana White & Green £21.49N/A
180135‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car Boy Scouts Of America Adventure Lan £21.49N/A
180205‍0‍' Plug-Door Box Car New York Central £21.49N/A
180255‍0‍' Plug-Door Box Car Frisco £21.49N/A
180275‍0‍' Plug-Door Box Car CP Rail £21.49N/A
180315‍0‍' Plug-Door Box Car New Haven £21.49N/A
180325‍0‍' Plug-Door Box Car Gulf, Mobile & Ohio £21.49N/A
180335‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car Western Pacific £21.49TBA
180345‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car Canadian Pacific £21.49TBA
180385‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car Union Pacific #4‍9‍9‍1‍9‍4‍ £21.49TBA
180395‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car PRR #2‍1‍0‍0‍8‍ £21.49TBA
180405‍0‍’ Plug-Door Box Car Penn Central #2‍0‍8‍1‍7‍7‍ £21.49TBA
18104Evans All Door Box Car Southern £20.49N/A
18138Evans All Door Box Car Triangle Pacific £20.49N/A
18140Evans All Door Box Car Santa Fe #3‍7‍8‍5‍ £20.49N/A
18141Evans All Door Box Car Canadian Forest #4‍5‍4‍1‍ £20.49N/A
18142Evans All Door Box Car Southern Pacific #5‍1‍1‍8‍8‍ £20.49N/A
18202ATSF (Santa Fe) Hi-Cube Box Car With Sliding Door TBATBA
18203Burlington Northern (Green) Hi-Cube Box Car With Sliding Door TBATBA
18204Rio Grande (Brown) Hi-Cube Box Car With Sliding Door TBATBA
18205Union Pacific Hi-Cube Box Car With Sliding Door TBATBA
18301ACF 4‍0‍' Log Car with Non-Operating Log Skidder & Crates £41.49N/A
18302Non-Operating Log Skidder (2‍/Card) £24.99TBA
18332ACF 4‍0‍' Log Car with Logs 1‍9‍0‍6‍-1‍9‍3‍5‍ Version £43.49N/A
183485‍2‍' Centre-Depressed Flat Car with Transformer £21.49In Stock
183495‍2‍' Centre-Depressed Flat Car £19.49N/A
18402Bobber Caboose Pennsylvania £19.49In Stock
18403Bobber Caboose Durango & Silverton £19.49In Stock
18404Bobber Caboose Baltimore & Ohio £19.49N/A
18405Bobber Caboose Lehigh Valley £19.49In Stock
18406Bobber Caboose Southern £19.49In Stock
18407Bobber Caboose Denver & Rio Grande £19.49In Stock
18445Bobber Caboose Cass Scenic R.R £19.49In Stock
18449Bobber Caboose Red Unlettered £19.49In Stock
185024‍0‍' Stock Car Santa Fe £21.49N/A
185034‍0‍' Stock Car Southern Pacific #7‍0‍3‍2‍5‍ £21.49N/A
185044‍0‍' Stock Car B&O #4‍6‍1‍1‍0‍ £21.49N/A
185054‍0‍' Stock Car CB&Q £21.49N/A
185134‍0‍’ Stock Car Union Pacific #4‍7‍7‍5‍0‍ £21.49In Stock
185144‍0‍’ Stock Car Canadian National £21.49In Stock
185204‍0‍' Stock Car New York Central £21.49N/A
185274‍0‍’ Stock Car CP Rail £21.49N/A
18601Ore Car Union Pacific £20.49N/A
18602Ore Car CP Rail #3‍7‍5‍5‍1‍4‍ (Multimark) £20.49N/A
18603Ore Car Norfolk & Western #2‍1‍9‍9‍8‍ £20.49In Stock
18604Ore Car Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range #7‍1‍3‍0‍2‍ Mineral Red £20.49N/A
18605Ore Car Pennsylvania #1‍4‍5‍1‍7‍ Tuscan Red  £20.49In Stock
18614Ore Car Pennsylvania £20.49N/A
18702Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Union Pacific #3‍6‍2‍5‍5‍ £24.99N/A
18705Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper CSX #3‍2‍6‍1‍6‍0‍ £24.99TBA
18712Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Conrail #4‍8‍8‍5‍0‍6‍ £24.99TBA
18713Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Pennsylvania-Yell Ball#2‍2‍6‍1‍3‍6‍ £24.99TBA
18730Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Detroit, Toledo & Ironton £24.99N/A
18737Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Western Maryland #6‍3‍8‍3‍4‍ £24.99N/A
18740Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Norfolk Southern #1‍4‍5‍2‍7‍5‍ £24.99In Stock
18744Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Chessie System (C&O) #1‍4‍2‍3‍1‍5‍ £24.99In Stock
18746Bethlehem Steel 1‍0‍0‍-Ton Hopper Wheeling & Lake Erie #6‍0‍6‍ £24.99In Stock
18849ACF 4‍0‍' Log Car with Logs 1‍9‍3‍5‍-1‍9‍6‍0‍ Version £43.49N/A
19102Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Santa Fe £22.99N/A
19111Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Great Northern £22.99N/A
19113Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Canadian National £22.99In Stock
19129Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper CP Rail £22.99N/A
19131Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Canada Grain £22.99N/A
19132Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper CN Environmental Mode £22.99N/A
19133Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Canadian National Demonstrator £22.99N/A
19134Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Government of Canada Red £22.99N/A
19136Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Government of Canada Yellow £22.99N/A
19138Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Alberta/Edmonton £22.99N/A
19139Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Heritage Fund £22.99N/A
19140Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Saskatchewan 'Wheat Herald' £22.99N/A
19141Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Potacan £22.99N/A
19142Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Canadian Pacific £22.99N/A
19143Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Potash Corporation £22.99N/A
19145Canadian 4‍-Bay Grain Hopper Canadian National £22.99In Stock
194015‍0‍' Sliding Door Box Car Central of Georgia £24.99N/A
194025‍0‍' Sliding Door Box Car New York Central £24.99N/A
194075‍0‍' Sliding Door Box Car Atlantic Coast Line £24.99N/A
194095‍0‍' Sliding Door Box Car Western Maryland £24.99N/A
194115‍0‍' Sliding Door Box Car Pennsylvania - Merchandise Service £24.99N/A
195085‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper Erie #1‍5‍9‍1‍0‍0‍ £24.49N/A
195095‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper B&O #7‍2‍3‍0‍4‍6‍ £24.49N/A
195105‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper NYC Big Four £24.49N/A
195115‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper Nickel Plate Road £24.49N/A
195125‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper PRR #1‍5‍0‍7‍0‍3‍ £24.49TBA
195135‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper Interstate #5‍6‍1‍2‍ £24.49TBA
195145‍5‍ Ton 2‍-Bay USRA O/side Braced Hopper Chicago& N W#6‍1‍0‍0‍1‍ £24.49TBA
19602ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Sliding Door Box Car McCloud River £27.99In Stock
19603ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Sliding Door Box Car Middletown & New Jersey £27.99N/A
19610ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Sliding Door Box Car Rail Box #4‍4‍0‍4‍9‍ £27.99N/A
19611ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Sliding Door Box Car Maine Central £27.99N/A
19612ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Sliding Door Box Car Norfolk Southern £27.99N/A
197014‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Union Pacific with Horses £26.49N/A
197024‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Southern with Horses £26.49N/A
197034‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Chicago & Northwestern with Horses £26.49N/A
197044‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Christmas with Reindeer £26.49In Stock
197054‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Santa Fe with Cattle £26.49N/A
197064‍0‍' Animated Stock Car D&RGW with Cattle £26.49N/A
197074‍0‍' Animated Stock Car Baltimore & Ohio with Cattle £26.49N/A
198014‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Merchant's Despatch £26.49N/A
198024‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Union/Soo Line £26.49N/A
198054‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Pure Carbonic Company £26.49In Stock
198064‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Grand Union £26.49N/A
198074‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Roberts Meats of Distinction £26.49N/A
198084‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Sonoma County Wines £26.49N/A
198094‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Bright's Wines £26.49TBA
198104‍0‍' Wood-Side Reefer Dairymen's League £26.49TBA
42907Flashing Led End Of Train Device (Track Powered) £17.49N/A
719055‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Montana Rail Link with Scrap Load £32.49N/A
71906ACF 5‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Reading with Crushed Cars Load £32.49N/A
719075‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola CP Rail with Crushed Cars Load £32.49N/A
719085‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Lehigh Valley with Steel Coil Load £32.49N/A
719095‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Conrail with Steel Coil Load £32.49N/A
719105‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Patapsco & Back Rvrs with Scrap Load £32.49N/A
719115‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola Rock Island with Tyre Load £32.49N/A
719125‍0‍'6‍" Drop-End Gondola PRR with Tyre Load £32.49N/A
72102Old-Time Tank Car NYC Lines £27.99In Stock
72103Old-Time Tank Car Philadelphia & Reading £27.99N/A
72104Old-Time Tank Car Virginia & Truckee £27.99N/A
72105Old-Time Tank Car US Military Railroad £27.99In Stock
72303Old-Time Box Car Canadian Pacific £21.49N/A
72304Old-Time Box Car Pennsylvania Lines £21.49N/A
72306Old-Time Box Car Chicago & Northwestern £21.49N/A
72307Old-Time Box Car Union Pacific Fruit Car £21.49In Stock
72308Old-Time Box Car New York Central & Hudson Railroad £21.49In Stock
72309Old-Time Box Car B&O £21.49In Stock
72310Old-Time Box Car Union Line £21.49TBA
72311Old-Time Box Car B&O - Globe Line £21.49TBA
72312Old-Time Box Car Rome, Watertown And Ogdensburg Rr £21.49TBA
73201Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Ralk) NYC £42.49In Stock
73202Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Walk)Nickel Plate Road £42.49In Stock
73203Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Walk) Erie £42.49In Stock
73204Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Walk) B&O £42.49In Stock
73205Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Walk) Union Pacific £42.49In Stock
73206Bay Window Caboose (with Roof Walk) Santa Fe £42.49TBA
73501PS-2‍ Two Bay Covered Hopper Santa Fe £34.49In Stock
73502PS-2‍ Two Bay Covered Hopper Burlington N'n £34.49N/A
73503PS-2‍ Two Bay Covered Hopper Baltimore & Ohio £34.49N/A
73504PS-2‍ Two Bay Covered Hopper New York Central £34.49In Stock
73505PS-2‍ Two Bay Covered Hopper Penn Central £34.49N/A
73801Canadian 4‍-Bay Cylindrical Grain Hopper Canada Grain (Red) £33.99TBA
73802Canadian 4‍-Bay Cylindrical Grain Hopper Saskatchewan (Brown & Orange) £33.99TBA
73803Canadian 4‍-Bay Cylindrical Grain Hopper Canadian National (Oxide Red) £33.99TBA
73804Canadian 4‍-Bay Cylindrical Grain Hopper Canadian Pacific (Black W/Script Lettering) £33.99TBA
805023‍8‍0‍-Ton Schnabel Transformer Car Grey & Black with Load £214.99N/A
805033‍8‍0‍-Ton Schnabel Transformer Car Red & Black with Load £214.99N/A
80511Schnabel Car with Retort/Cylinder Load Blue & Black £227.99N/A
80512Schnabel Car with Retort/Cylinder Load Grey & Black £227.99N/A
80513Schnabel Car with Retort/Cylinder Load Red & Black  £227.99N/A

Latest Additions

GBRf Class 59 Co-Co "59003" (R3760) £76.49 Added to website on 19/11/2019 14:29:05
Hornby Railroad Diesel/Electric Locomotives - GBRf Class 59 Co-Co "59003" (R3760) RRP £84.99 our price £76.49

Class 03 D2199 NCB Black Wasp Stripes (31-367) £105.99 Added to website on 15/11/2019 14:30:51
Bachmann OO Locomotives Modern Image - Class 03 D2199 NCB Black Wasp Stripes (31-367) RRP £124.95 our price £105.99

One-Third Section 18 Radius Curved Track - Pack Of 4 (44530) £9.49 Added to website on 15/11/2019 14:10:10
Bachmann HO Track - One-Third Section 18 Radius Curved Track - Pack Of 4 (44530) RRP £10.50 our price £9.49

2¼ Straight Track - Pack Of 4 (44513) £7.99 Added to website on 15/11/2019 14:09:25
Bachmann HO Track - 2¼ Straight Track - Pack Of 4 (44513) RRP £8.99 our price £7.99

DRS Northern Belle Mk2D (R4898) £94.49 Added to website on 14/11/2019 15:37:39
Hornby Coach Packs - DRS Northern Belle Mk2D (R4898) RRP £104.99 our price £94.49

Garden Buildings & Accessories (SS92) £14.95 Added to website on 13/11/2019 13:40:23
Pre order now! - Garden Buildings & Accessories (SS92)  £14.95

Family Fun Project (R1265) £179.99 Added to website on 12/11/2019 12:18:45
Hornby Train Sets - Standard - Family Fun Project (R1265) RRP £199.99 our price £179.99

Gear Set "Tornado" (X6346) £0.99 Added to website on 09/11/2019 15:49:04
Hornby Spares - Motors And Gears - Gear Set "Tornado" (X6346)  £0.99

Coupling Rods "Tornado" (X6335) £4.99 Added to website on 09/11/2019 15:40:31
Hornby Spares - Coupling Rods / Valve Gear - Coupling Rods "Tornado" (X6335)  £4.99

Front Bogie "Tornado" (X6349) £1.99 Added to website on 09/11/2019 15:35:16
Hornby Spares - Bogies And Pony Trucks - Front Bogie "Tornado" (X6349)  £1.99

EWS Class 47/7 Co-Co "47798" Prince William (R3757) £71.99 Added to website on 09/11/2019 13:57:27
Hornby Railroad Diesel/Electric Locomotives - EWS Class 47/7 Co-Co "47798" Prince William (R3757) RRP £79.99 our price £71.99

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