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This is a list of current Bachmann HO Locos available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 09/06/2019

This list was last updated over 11 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

226 items listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
50202GS4 4-8-4 Southern Pacific Daylight #4446 (DCC On Board) £195.49N/A
50206GS64 4-8-4 Western Pacific #485 (DCC On Board) £195.49N/A
50402USRA 0-6-0 & Short Haul Tender Smoky Mountain #99 £90.99In Stock
50404USRA 0-6-0 & Short Haul Tender Jersey Central #105 £90.99N/A
50405USRA 0-6-0 W/Smoke & Short Haul Tender-New York Central #221 £90.99TBA
50603USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Union Pacific #4442 £90.99N/A
50604USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Sante Fe #2128 £90.99In Stock
50607USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Canadian Pacific #6269 £90.99In Stock
50608USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Soo Line #344 £90.99N/A
50612USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Baltimore & Ohio #338 £90.99N/A
50615USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Pennsylvania #3234 £90.99TBA
50616USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender NC&STL #152 £90.99In Stock
50705USRA 0-6-0 & Vanderbilt Tender Southern Pacific #1274 £90.99N/A
50708Prairie 2-6-2 W/Smoke & Tender - Canadian National #3594 £90.99TBA
50709Prairie 2-6-2 W/Smoke & Tender - B&O #2453 £90.99TBA
510024-4-0 American & Tender Union Pacific #119 £162.99N/A
510034-4-0 American & Tender Central Pacific 'Jupiter' £162.99N/A
510044-4-0 American & Tender W&ARR 'Texas' £162.99N/A
510054-4-0 American & Tender Pennsylvania - Coal Load £162.99N/A
51317Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation Rock Island #2123 (DCC On Board) £156.49In Stock
51319Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation Union Pacific #619 £156.49N/A
51401Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Pennsylvania #7080 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99In Stock
51402Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Union Pacific #1429 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99N/A
51403Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Southern #1087 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99In Stock
51404Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 C&O #377 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99In Stock
51405Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Santa Fe #498 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99N/A
51503Prairie 2-6-2 W/Smoke & Tender - U.P. #1839 £103.99TBA
51504Prairie 2-6-2 & Tender Southern £103.99N/A
51505Prairie 2-6-2 W/Smoke & Tender - Canadian National #3594 £103.99TBA
51506Prairie 2-6-2 W/Smoke & Tender - B&O #2453 £103.99TBA
51523Prairie 2-6-2 & Vanderbilt Tender Southern Pacific #1905 £103.99N/A
51526Prairie 2-6-2 & Tender Rio Grande #74 (Flying Grande) £103.99N/A
51528Prairie 2-6-2 & Tender W/Smoke & Tender-Pennsylvania #2765 £103.99TBA
51529Prairie 2-6-2 & Tender W/Smoke & Tender-Santa Fe #2129 £103.99TBA
51530Prairie 2-6-2 & Tender W/Smoke & Tender-Boston & Maine #1501 £103.99TBA
51610USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Baldwin Locomotive Works £103.99In Stock
51611USRA 0-6-0 & Slope Tender Wabash #516 £103.99N/A
51707ALCO 2-6-0 Pennsylvania #3237 £110.49N/A
51708ALCO 2-6-0 New York Central #1907 £110.49In Stock
51709ALCO 2-6-0 Canadian National #6013 £110.49N/A
51710ALCO 2-6-0 ATSF #9444 £110.49N/A
51711ALCO 2-6-0 Union Pacific #40 £110.49N/A
51712AALCO 2-6-0 Green Bay & Western #256 £110.49N/A
51812ALCO 2-6-0 Wabash #573 (DCC Sound Value) £173.49N/A
51813ALCO 2-6-0 Lackawanna #565 (DCC Sound Value) £173.49N/A
52101Porter 0-6-0T Side Tank Bethlehem Steel #2 (DCC On Board) £94.99N/A
52102Porter 0-6-0T Side Tank Midvale Steel #5 (DCC On Board) £94.99In Stock
52103Porter 0-6-0T Side Tank Midwest Quarry #12 (DCC On Board) £94.99N/A
52105Porter 0-6-0T Side Tank Steam Santa Fe #2240 (DCC On Board) £94.99In Stock
52201Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 New York Central #1238 £195.49In Stock
52202Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Baltimore & Ohio #1357 £195.49In Stock
52203Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Canadian Pacific #847 £195.49In Stock
52204Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Maryland & Pennsylvania #27 £195.49In Stock
52205Baldwin Driver 4-6-0 Texas Pacific #316 £195.49In Stock
524012-8-4 Berkshire Nickel Plate #765 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99In Stock
524022-8-4 Berkshire C&O Kanawha #2718 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99N/A
524032-8-4 Berkshire Pere Marquette #1225 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99TBA
524042-8-4 Berkshire Nickel Plate Road #759 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99N/A
524052-8-4 Berkshire Chesapeake & Ohio #2705 (DCC Sound Value)  £260.99N/A
527024-4-0 American Central Pacific 'Jupiter' (DCC Sound Value) £214.99N/A
527034-4-0 American Baltimore & Ohio (DCC Sound Value)  £214.99N/A
527044-4-0 American Santa Fe #91 (DCC Sound Value)  £214.99N/A
527054-4-0 American W&ARR 'The General' (DCC Sound Value)  £214.99N/A
527064-4-0 American NCRR 'The York' (DCC Sound Value)  £214.99N/A
527074-4-0 American Union Pacific #119 W/Coal Load (DCC SV) £214.99TBA
52801USRA Light 4-6-2 Baltimore and Ohio #5213 £260.99In Stock
52802USRA Light 4-6-2 New York Central #4552 £260.99N/A
52803USRA Light 4-6-2 Santa Fe #1385 £260.99N/A
52804USRA Light 4-6-2 Grand Trunk Western #5629 £260.99N/A
52805USRA Light 4-6-2 Union Pacific #2880 £260.99N/A
53101GS4 4-8-4 Southern Pacific Daylight #4449, Railfan Version £280.49In Stock
53102GS4 4-8-4 Southern Pacific Daylight #4436 Billbrd Lettering £280.49In Stock
53103GS4 4-8-4 American Freedom Train #4449 £280.49In Stock
53201J 4-8-4 N&W #611 - Railfan £280.49N/A
53202J 4-8-4 N&W #613 £280.49In Stock
535024-8-4 Locomotive & Tender Union Pacific #807 £169.49N/A
54303USRA Light 2-8-2 Pennsylvania #9630 (DCC Sound Value) £260.99N/A
54304USRA Light 2-8-2 New York Central #6405 (DCC Sound Value) £260.99N/A
54305USRA Light 2-8-2 Maine Central #617 (DCC Sound Value) £260.99N/A
54306USRA Light 2-8-2 Union Pacific #2492 W/Medium Tender £260.99TBA
54307USRA Light 2-8-2 Nickel Plate #611 £260.99TBA
54308USRA Light 2-8-2 Chicago & Eastern Illinois #1925 £260.99TBA
54401USRA Light 2-8-2 Pere Marquette #1039 Long Tender(DCC Ready) £208.49N/A
54402USRA Light 2-8-2 Rock Island #2319 (DCC Ready) £208.49N/A
54403USRA Light 2-8-2 Southern #4501 Long Tender(DCC Ready) £208.49In Stock
54404USRA Light 2-8-2 Western Pacific #32 (DCC Ready) £208.49In Stock
54405USRA Light 2-8-2 Frisco #4027 (DCC Ready) £208.49N/A
579012-8-0 Consolidation Southern #630 (Dcc Sound Value) £234.49In Stock
579022-8-0 Consolidation Pennsylvania #7748 (Dcc Sound Value) £234.49In Stock
579032-8-0 Consolidation New York Central #1137 (Dcc Sound Value) £234.49In Stock
579042-8-0 Consolidation Union Pacific #730 (Dcc Sound Value) £234.49In Stock
579052-8-0 Consolidation Santa Fe #2508 (Dcc Sound Value) £234.49In Stock
60304EMD GP40 Diesel Santa Fe #3508 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
60307EMD GP40 Diesel Canadian National #4008 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
60308EMD GP40 Diesel Milwaukee Road #2001 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
60311EMD GP40 Diesel Seaboard #626 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
60604GE 70-Ton Diesel Louisville & Nashville #99 (DCC On Board) £77.99In Stock
60607GE 70-Ton Diesel Yellow & Black Unlettered (DCC On Board) £77.99N/A
60913EMD SD40-2 Diesel Santa Fe #5020 (DCC On Board) £97.49In Stock
60914EMD SD40-2 Diesel NYS&W #3018 (DCC On Board) £97.49N/A
60916EMD SD40-2 Diesel BNSF #1734 Heritage III £97.49In Stock
60917EMD SD40-2 Diesel CSX #8905 HTM Black £97.49In Stock
60918EMD SD40-2 Diesel Florida East Coast #714 £97.49TBA
61117EMD GP38-2 Diesel Norfolk Southern #5612 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
61118EMD GP38-2 Diesel BNSF #2344 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
61119EMD GP38-2 Diesel CSX #2511 Dark Future (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
61120EMD GP38-2 Diesel Belt Line #5260 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
61206EMD GP50 Diesel Norfolk & Western #6518 £57.99N/A
61711EMD GP38-2 Diesel New England Central #3848 £73.99N/A
61712EMD GP38-2 Diesel Wisconsin Central #2001 £73.99N/A
61717EMD GP38-2 Diesel Canadian National #4720 £73.99N/A
61718EMD GP38-2 Diesel Rail America #3821 £73.99In Stock
61719EMD GP38-2 Diesel GMTX #2103 £73.99TBA
61720EMD GP38-2 Diesel CSX Htm #2640  £73.99TBA
61721EMD GP38-2 Diesel Norfolk Southern #5314 (Thoroughbred)  £73.99TBA
62105EMD DD40AA Centennial Union Pacific #6900 (DCC On Board) £142.99N/A
62106EMD DD40AA Centennial Union Pacific #6910 (DCC On Board) £142.99N/A
62412EMD GP7 Diesel Rio Grande #5102 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
62808EMD GP9 Diesel Pennsylvania Rail Road #7085 (DCC On Board) £90.99In Stock
62809EMD GP9 Diesel Santa Fe #2937 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
62813EMD GP9 Diesel Canadian National #1720 (DCC On Board) £90.99N/A
63108ALCO S4 Diesel Norfolk & Western #2046 £84.49N/A
63110ALCO S4 Diesel New York Central #8598 £84.49N/A
63111ALCO S4 Diesel Vermont Railway #6 £84.49N/A
63112ALCO S4 Diesel Pennsylvania #8490 £84.49In Stock
63214ALCO S4 Diesel Chesapeake & Ohio #5109 (DCC Sound Value) £156.49N/A
63215ALCO S4 Diesel C&NW #1078 (DCC Sound Value)  £156.49N/A
63216ALCO S4 Diesel Pennsylvania #8487 (DCC Sound Value)  £156.49N/A
63217ALCO S4 Diesel New York Central #9762 (DCC Sound Value)  £156.49N/A
63503EMD GP40 Diesel Burlington Northern #3519 £71.49N/A
63516EMD GP40 Diesel Conrail #3078 £71.49N/A
63526EMD GP40 Diesel Santa Fe #2964 £71.49N/A
63527EMD GP40 Diesel MKT #234 £71.49N/A
63529EMD GP40 Diesel New York Central #3084 £71.49In Stock
63530EMD GP40 Diesel CSX #4409 (Dark Future)  £71.49In Stock
63532EMD GP40 Diesel BNSF #3012 £71.49In Stock
63533EMD GP40 Diesel Chessie #4155 £71.49TBA
63534EMD GP40 Diesel Union Pacific #1356 £71.49TBA
63710F7-A Diesel Alaska £64.99N/A
64702ALCO FA2 Diesel New York Central (DCC Sound Value)  £149.99N/A
64703ALCO FA2 Diesel Erie & Lackawanna (DCC Sound Value)  £149.99N/A
64704ALCO FA2 Diesel Louisville & Nashville (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64901ALCO FB2 Diesel Canadian National (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64902ALCO FB2 Diesel New York Central (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64903ALCO FB2 Diesel Erie & Lackawanna (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64904ALCO FB2 Diesel Louisville & Nashville (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64905ALCO FB2 Diesel Baltimore & Ohio (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
64906ALCO FB2 Diesel Pennsylvania Rail Road (DCC Sound Value) £149.99N/A
65102EMD DD40AX Centennial Union Pacific #6929 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65103EMD DD40AX Centennial Union Pacific #6940 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65201GG1 Electric Pennsylvania Brunswick Green #4912 £153.99N/A
65204GG1 Electric Pennsylvania #4866 Silver £153.99N/A
65205GG1 Electric Penn Central Black #4882 £153.99N/A
65206GG1 Electric Pennsylvania Tuscan Red #4890 £153.99N/A
65207GG1 Electric Amtrak #926 £153.99N/A
65305GG1 Electric Penn Central Black #4853 (DCC Sound Value) £214.99N/A
65306GG1 Electric Amtrak #906 (DCC Sound Value) £214.99N/A
65307GG1 Electric PRR #4829 Brunswick Green (DCC Sound Value)  £214.99N/A
65401GE ES44AC Diesel Central Of Georgia #8101 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65403GE ES44AC Diesel Lehigh Valley #8104 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65405GE ES44AC Diesel Nickel Plate Road #8100 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65406GE ES44AC Diesel Interstate #8105 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65407GE ES44AC Diesel Monongahela #8025 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65408GE ES44AC Diesel Norfolk & Western #8103 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65409GE ES44AC Diesel Conrail #8098 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65410GE ES44AC Diesel Norfolk Southern #8114 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
65606EMD GP7 Diesel Rock Island #1207 (DCC Sound Value) £147.49N/A
65607EMD GP7 Diesel Reading #623 (DCC Sound Value) £147.49In Stock
65608EMD GP7 Pennsylvania #8501 (DCC Sound Value)  £147.49N/A
65609EMD GP7 Jersey Central #1523 (DCC Sound Value)  £147.49N/A
66001SD70ACe Diesel Wabash #1070 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66002SD70ACe Diesel Erie #1068 (DCC Sound) £208.49N/A
66003SD70ACe Diesel Jersey Central Lines #1071 (DCC Sound) £208.49N/A
66004SD70ACe Diesel New York Central #1066 (DCC Sound) £208.49N/A
66005SD70ACe Diesel Virginian #1069 (DCC Sound) £208.49N/A
66006SD70ACe Diesel Illinois Terminal #1072 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66007SD70ACe Diesel Penn Central #1073 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66008SD70ACe Diesel Reading Company #1067 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66009SD70ACe Diesel Savannah & Atlanta #1065 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66010SD70ACe Diesel DL&W #1074 (DCC Sound Value) £208.49N/A
66301EMD GP40 Diesel Union Pacific #906 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66302EMD GP40 Diesel Santa Fe #2964 (DCC Sound Value) £162.99N/A
66303EMD GP40 Diesel Alaska #3002 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66304EMD GP40 Diesel Soo Line #4603 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66305EMD GP40 Diesel Norfolk Southern #3057 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66601EMD E7-A Diesel Pennsylvania #5881 (DCC Sound Value)  £195.49N/A
66602EMD E7-A Diesel Southern #2910 (DCC Sound Value) £195.49In Stock
66603EMD E7-A Diesel Burlington (DCC Sound Value)  £195.49In Stock
66604EMD E7-A Diesel New York Central #4028 (DCC Sound Value)  £195.49In Stock
66605EMD E7-A Diesel Baltimore & Ohio #751 (DCC Sound Value)  £195.49In Stock
66701EMD E7-A Pennsylvania #5876 £130.49N/A
66702EMD E7-A Union Pacific #989 £130.49N/A
66703EMD E7-A Louisville & Nashville #458 £130.49In Stock
66704EMD E7-A Atlantic Coast Line #540 £130.49In Stock
66705EMD E7-A Milwaukee Road £130.49N/A
66801EMD GP38-2 Santa Fe #3529 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66802EMD GP38-2 Norfolk Southern #5555 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66803EMD GP38-2 CSX #2640 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66804EMD GP38-2 Alaska #2007 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
66805EMD GP38-2 Canadian Pacific #3039 (DCC Sound Value)  £162.99N/A
67022EMD SD40-2 Diesel Canadian National #6023 £77.99N/A
67025EMD SD40-2 Diesel Kansas City Southern #691 £77.99N/A
67026EMD SD40-2 Diesel Union Pacific #3643 £77.99In Stock
67027EMD SD40-2 Diesel Norfolk Southern #6160 (Thoroughbred) £77.99TBA
67201EMD SD40-2 Diesel CP Rail #5612 (Dual Flags)  £142.99N/A
67202EMD SD40-2 Diesel CSX #8013 Dark Future (HTM) £142.99N/A
67203EMD SD40-2 Diesel Kansas City Southern #651 £142.99N/A
67204EMD SD40-2 Diesel Norfolk Southern #3430 (Thoroughbred)  £142.99N/A
67205EMD SD40-2 Diesel Union Pacific #3450 £142.99N/A
67401Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak #607 £260.99In Stock
67402Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak #619 £260.99In Stock
67403Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak #642 Salute Our Veterans £260.99In Stock
67404Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak - Flag Demo £260.99In Stock
67405Siemens ACS-64 Electric Septa #901 £260.99N/A
67406Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak #602 - Mobility Scheme £260.99TBA
67407Siemens ACS-64 Electric Amtrak #668 £260.99TBA
67408Siemens ACS-64 Electric Septa #905 £260.99TBA
67601GP30 Diesel B&O #6944 (Sunburst Scheme) £162.99In Stock
67602GP30 Diesel PRR #2200 £162.99In Stock
67603GP30 Diesel Southern Pacific #5016 (Bloody Nose) £162.99In Stock
67604GP30 Diesel Santa Fe #1218 (Blue & Yellow) £162.99In Stock
67605GP30 Diesel Union Pacific #839 £162.99In Stock
85301PRR #1120 Streamlined K4 4-6-2 Pacific £306.99TBA
85302PRR #2665 Streamlined K4 4-6-2 Pacific £306.99TBA
85303PRR #3678 Streamlined K4 4-6-2 Pacific £306.99TBA
85304PRR #5338 Streamlined K4 4-6-2 Pacific £306.99TBA

Latest Additions

Southeastern Class 395 "Hornby Visitor Centre" (R3813) £143.99 Added to website on 10/06/2019 12:10:11
Pre order now! - Southeastern Class 395 "Hornby Visitor Centre" (R3813) RRP £159.99 our price £143.99

TTS Sound Decoder "Merchant Navy Rebuilt" (R7141) £37.99 Added to website on 07/06/2019 17:11:41
Hornby Accessories - Digital - TTS Sound Decoder "Merchant Navy Rebuilt" (R7141) RRP £41.99 our price £37.99

MHA Coalfish Ballast Wagon "EWS" (R6928) £54.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:58:32
Pre order now! - MHA Coalfish Ballast Wagon "EWS" (R6928) RRP £60.99 our price £54.99

LWB Box Van "Coca-Cola" (R6934) £13.49 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:51:39
Pre order now! - LWB Box Van "Coca-Cola" (R6934) RRP £14.99 our price £13.49

Tank Wagon "Coca-Cola" (R6933) £11.49 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:49:59
Pre order now! - Tank Wagon "Coca-Cola" (R6933) RRP £12.99 our price £11.49

MHA Coalfish Ballast Wagon"EWS" (R6929) £18.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:47:49
Pre order now! - MHA Coalfish Ballast Wagon"EWS" (R6929) RRP £20.99 our price £18.99

KFA Intermodal Wagon "Touax" (R6927) £35.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:43:53
Pre order now! - KFA Intermodal Wagon "Touax" (R6927) RRP £39.99 our price £35.99

KFA Intermodal Wagon Without Containers "Tiphook Rail" (R6926) £32.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:40:23
Pre order now! - KFA Intermodal Wagon Without Containers "Tiphook Rail" (R6926)  £32.99

BR Provincial Class 156 "156401" - DMS "57401" & DMSL "52401" (R3773) £112.49 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:17:57
Pre order now! - BR Provincial Class 156 "156401" - DMS "57401" & DMSL "52401" (R3773) RRP £124.99 our price £112.49

SR Terrier 0-6-0T W10 "Cowes" (R3812X) £98.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:12:15
Pre order now! - SR Terrier 0-6-0T W10 "Cowes" (R3812X) RRP £109.99 our price £98.99

SR Terrier 0-6-0T W10 "Cowes" (R3812) £80.99 Added to website on 06/06/2019 22:11:15
Pre order now! - SR Terrier 0-6-0T W10 "Cowes" (R3812) RRP £89.99 our price £80.99

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