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This is a list of current Graham Farish Scenecraft N Buildings available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 05/09/2019

This list was last updated over 11 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

104 items listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
42-0001Two Road Brick Engine Shed £33.49In Stock
42-0005Portable Office £20.49In Stock
42-0012Platform Book Stand £8.99N/A
42-0018Small Water Tower £31.49Arrival Q3
42-002Washing Plant  £22.49In Stock
42-0030Farmhouse £21.49In Stock
42-00322‍8‍' Static Caravan £17.99In Stock
42-0033Two Lane Engine Shed £63.49In Stock
42-0034Depot Crew Room £32.49In Stock
42-0035Wooden Carriage Shed £35.99In Stock
42-0046Corner Store £30.49In Stock
42-0047Corner Florist £23.49Arrival Q3
42-0049Church £33.99In Stock
42-0053Servicing Point £30.49In Stock
42-0054Depot Mess Room and Toilet £26.99In Stock
42-0056Dutch Barn £22.49In Stock
42-0060March West Signal Box £33.99Arrival Q3
42-0061Twin Track Footbridge £35.99In Stock
42-0064Parachute Water Tower £23.49In Stock
42-0071Station Café £17.99Sep
42-0078Crossing Keeper's Cottage £21.49Sep
42-0080Beach Huts (x2‍) £12.49Sep
42-0092Motorail Car Loading Point £21.49Arrival Q3
42-0095Stone Booking Hall £50.99Arrival Q3
42-016Fuel Storage Tanks     £29.49Arrival Q3
42-035Bicycle Rack  £8.99In Stock
42-036Sectional Lineside Hut £8.99Sep
42-037Riveted Water Tank  £17.99N/A
42-040Fuelling Point  £16.99In Stock
42-047Hampton Hill Platelayers Hut  £10.99In Stock
42-059Boiler House  £14.49In Stock
42-060Boiler House Chimney  £8.99N/A
42-081Portable Offices £22.49Arrival Q3
42-087Bluebell Waiting Room  £40.49In Stock
42-088Sheffield Park Booking Office  £44.99In Stock
42-089Sheffield Park Station Canopy  £31.49In Stock
42-090Sheffield Park Waiting Room with Toilet £46.49In Stock
42-091Sheffield Park Storeroom  £31.49In Stock
42-093Sheffield Park Footbridge  £46.49In Stock
42-107Red Brick Walls and Gates £5.95N/A
42-124Village Pub £35.99In Stock
42-133BR Type 1‍5‍ Signal Box £26.99N/A
42-150Road Side Farm Shop £15.49In Stock
42-164Shillingstone Station Building £42.99N/A
42-165Shillingstone Signal Box £32.49N/A
42-166Shillingstone Parcel Office £14.49In Stock
42-169Shillingstone Platelayers Hut £10.99In Stock
42-170Shillingstone Goods Shed £28.99In Stock
42-176Stone Signal Box £33.99In Stock
42-177Line Side Control Cabin £11.49N/A
42-178Traction Servicing Depot £54.99Arrival Q3
42-180Traders Store £24.49In Stock
42-181Depot Hoist £31.49In Stock
42-182Ground Frame Hut £14.49In Stock
42-188Great Central Goods Depot £25.99In Stock
42-191Red Star Parcels Office £17.99In Stock
42-192Platform Buffet £22.49In Stock
42-194Taxi Office £12.49In Stock
42-202Low Relief Front Terraced Houses  £17.99In Stock
42-209Low Relief Butchers £16.99In Stock
42-219Low Relief Stone Factory £30.49In Stock
42-225Low Relief Retaining Walls £5.95In Stock
42-227Low Relief Rear of Victorian Tenements £40.49In Stock
42-228Low Relief Double Track Tunnel Portal £12.49In Stock
42-232Low Relief Pub £15.49N/A
42-233Low Relief Rear of Terraces £17.99In Stock
42-234Low Relief Public Convenience £10.99In Stock
42-236Low Relief Railway Hotel 'The Caledonian' £20.49In Stock
42-238Low Relief Goods Loading Canopy £35.99In Stock
42-243Low Relief Lyons Corner House £19.99Arrival Q3
42-245Low Relief Corner Chemist £17.99In Stock
42-253Low Relief Greengrocers £17.99In Stock
42-259Low Relief Office Block £21.49Arrival Q3
42-265Low Relief Block of flats £46.49Arrival Q3
42-266Low Relief 'The Cod Father' Fish & Chip Shop £16.99In Stock
42-275Low Relief Model Shop £19.99Arrival Q3
42-288Low Relief Urban Stone walling £13.49Sep
42-289Low Relief Modular Mill Façade £22.49In Stock
42-290Low Relief Modular Mill Entrance £9.99In Stock
42-511Grounded Van Body  £15.49In Stock
42-515Greenhouse (x2‍) £16.99In Stock
42-541Walls & Gates £13.49In Stock
42-542Concrete Platform Lamps (4‍) £6.50In Stock
42-544Pent Roof Garden Shed £4.95N/A
42-545Tarpaulin Covered Wagon Loads x 4‍ £5.95In Stock
42-547Cycle Cabinets £5.25In Stock
42-548Station Signage set £8.99Sep
42-549Market Stalls (x2‍) £17.99In Stock
42-551Coal Loads for 4‍ Wheel Wagons (x4‍) £5.95In Stock
42-552Ballast Loads for 4‍ Wheel Wagons (x4‍) £5.95In Stock
42-555Stone Walls and Gates £10.99Arrival Q3
42-558Corrugated Metal Shed £6.95In Stock
42-563Straight Pavements (x4‍) £9.99In Stock
42-564Corner Pavements and Drop Kerbs £8.99In Stock
42-5656‍ft Victorian Wall Sections £6.95In Stock
42-568Quayside Walls £25.99In Stock
42-569Quayside Walls with Steps £25.99In Stock
42-570Quayside Corners £16.99In Stock
42-572Midland Water Crane(Platform Mounted) £13.49Arrival Q3
42-580Dry Stone Walling and Gate £10.99In Stock
42-587Fibre Board Hut £8.99Sep
42-590Tall Retaining Walls £15.49Sep
42-593Concrete Bus Shelter £8.99Arrival Q3
42-595Sleeper Built Fencing (x4‍) £8.99Sep

Latest Additions

Low Relief Pub & Shop (PN972) £9.50 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:49:43
Metcalfe Kits N - Low Relief Pub & Shop (PN972)  £9.50

Low Relief Bank & Shop (PN971) £9.50 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:48:59
Metcalfe Kits N - Low Relief Bank & Shop (PN971)  £9.50

Manor Farm Buildings (PN951) £8.99 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:48:21
Metcalfe Kits N - Manor Farm Buildings (PN951)  £8.99

Settle / Carlisle Double Track Engine Shed (PN937) £13.50 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:47:01
Metcalfe Kits N - Settle / Carlisle Double Track Engine Shed (PN937)  £13.50

Double Track Engine Shed "Red Brick" (PN913) £13.50 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:46:38
Metcalfe Kits N - Double Track Engine Shed "Red Brick" (PN913)  £13.50

Mixed Stonework (PN902) £5.80 Added to website on 04/09/2019 14:45:48
Metcalfe Kits N - Mixed Stonework (PN902)  £5.80

N Class Traction Tyres x 2 (379-427) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:50:46
Graham Farish Accessories - N Class Traction Tyres x 2 (379-427)  £1.99

WD Traction Tyres x 2 (379-426) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:50:16
Graham Farish Accessories - WD Traction Tyres x 2 (379-426)  £1.99

Princess Coronation Traction Tyres x 2 (379-425) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:53
Graham Farish Accessories - Princess Coronation Traction Tyres x 2 (379-425)  £1.99

Standard 5 Traction Tyres x 2 (379-424) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:29
Graham Farish Accessories - Standard 5 Traction Tyres x 2 (379-424)  £1.99

Ivatt 2MT Traction Tyres x 2 (379-423) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:01
Graham Farish Accessories - Ivatt 2MT Traction Tyres x 2 (379-423)  £1.99

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