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This is a list of current Graham Farish Modern Image Locos available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 09/06/2019

This list was last updated over 15 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

106 items listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
371-013Class 08 13287 BR Green (Early Emblem) £93.49TBA
371-014Class 08 08834 BR Railfreight Distribution Sector £93.49In Stock
371-015DClass 08 08818 BR Blue W £101.99TBA
371-020AClass 08 13050 BR Black (Early Emblem) £93.49In Stock
371-023Class 08 08600 'Ivor' BR Network SouthEast (Original) £93.49In Stock
371-032AClass 20/0 Disc Headcode 20048 BR Blue £105.99Sep 19
371-034AClass 20/0 Headcode Box 20156 BR Railfreight (Red Stripe) £105.99Sep 19
371-038Class 20/0 Headcode Box D8158 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £105.99Sep 19
371-050CClass 04 D2283 BR Green (Wasp Stripes) £80.49In Stock
371-063Class 03 D2383 BR Green (Wasp Stripes) W £84.99TBA
371-085AClass 25/1 D5177 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £110.49In Stock
371-087AClass 25/1 25225 BR Blue £110.49In Stock
371-111AClass 31/1 D5616 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £122.99TBA
371-112AClass 31/1 31131 BR Blue £122.99TBA
371-113Class 31/1 97204 BR RTC (Revised) £122.99TBA
371-135Class 31/1 Refurbished 31154 BR Railfreight £122.99TBA
371-136Class 31/1 Refurbished 31319 BR Railfreight Petroleum Sector £122.99TBA
371-137Class 31/6 Refurbished 31602 Network Rail Yellow £122.99TBA
371-164Class 37/4 Refurbished 37428 'David Lloyd George' BR Railfreight Petroleum Sector £114.49TBA
371-170Class 37/4 Refurbished 37422 'Robert F. Fairlie' BR Regional Railways £114.49In Stock
371-172Class 37/5 Refurbished 37669 WCRC Maroon      £114.49TBA
371-173Class 37/5 Refurbished 37521 Colas Rail Freight £114.49TBA
371-180AClass 40 Disc Headcode D248 BR Green (Late Crest) £131.49TBA
371-180ASFClass 40 Disc Headcode D248 BR Green (Late Crest) £207.99TBA
371-184Class 40 Disc Headcode 40012 ‘Aureol’ BR Blue £131.49TBA
371-185Class 40 Split Headcode D338 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £131.49TBA
371-249Class 47/0 47018 BR Railfreight £118.99TBA
371-285AClass 55 'Deltic' D9009 'Alycidon' BR Two-Tone Green (Small Yellow Panels) £114.49TBA
371-288Class 55 'Deltic' 55015 'Tulyar' BR Blue With White Cab Window Surrounds £114.49TBA
371-289Class 55 'Deltic' D9001 'St. Paddy' BR Two-Tone Green (Full Yellow Ends) W £122.99TBA
371-329Class 150/2 2-Car DMU 150247 BR Provincial (Sprinter) W £169.99In Stock
371-333Class 150/1 2-Car DMU 150135 BR Provincial (Original) £178.49TBA
371-334Class 150/2 2-Car DMU 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Revised) £178.49TBA
371-334SFClass 150/2 2-Car DMU 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Revised) £254.99TBA
371-335Class 150/2 2-Car DMU 150275 Northern £178.49TBA
371-350AClass 60 60035 EWS £114.49N/A
371-351AClass 60 60044 'Ailsa Craig' Mainline Freight £114.49TBA
371-357Class 60 60057 'Adam Smith' BR Railfreight Coal Sector £114.49In Stock
371-358AClass 60 60096 Colas Rail Freight £114.49TBA
371-358ASFClass 60 60096 Colas Rail Freight £190.99TBA
371-359Class 60 60100 'Midland Railway - Butterley' DB Cargo £114.49TBA
371-360Class 60 60095 GBRf £114.49TBA
371-383AClass 66/0 66101 DB Schenker £114.49N/A
371-384AClass 66/0 66111 EWS £114.49In Stock
371-386Class 66/4 66416 Freightliner Powerhaul £114.49In Stock
371-387Class 66/8 66846 Colas Rail Freight £114.49In Stock
371-388Class 66/4 66413 Freightliner G&W £114.49TBA
371-389Class 66/7 66789 'British Rail 1948-1997' GBRf BR Blue (Large Logo) £114.49TBA
371-398Class 66/7 66779 'Evening Star' GBRf Brunswick Green £114.49N/A
371-427AClass 170/3 2-Car DMU 170308 South West Trains £152.99Dec 19
371-431AClass 170/5 2-Car DMU 170521 Arriva Cross Country £152.99Dec 19
371-432AClass 170/5 2-Car DMU 170501 London Midland £152.99Dec 19
371-453AClass 37/0 Centre Headcode D6984 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £114.49TBA
371-465AClass 37/0 Centre Headcode 37284 BR Blue £114.49TBA
371-466AClass 37/0 Split Headcode 37046 BR Engineers Grey & Yellow £114.49TBA
371-468AClass 37/0 Centre Headcode 97304 'John Tiley' Network Rail Yellow £114.49In Stock
371-470Class 37/0 Split Headcode 37068 'Grainflow' BR Railfreight Distribution Sector £114.49In Stock
371-471Class 37/0 Centre Headcode 37261 DRS Blue £114.49In Stock
371-472Class 37/0 Centre Headcode 37242 Mainline Freight W £122.99TBA
371-505Class 101 2-Car DMU BR Network SouthEast (Revised) £161.49In Stock
371-506Class 101 2-Car DMU BR Blue & Grey £161.49TBA
371-506SFClass 101 2-Car DMU BR Blue & Grey £237.99TBA
371-508Class 101 2-Car DMU BR Green (Speed Whiskers) £161.49TBA
371-600BClass 42 'Warship' D809 'Champion' BR Maroon (Small Yellow Panels) £110.49TBA
371-601BClass 42 'Warship' 812 'The Royal Naval Reserve 1859-1959' BR Blue £110.49TBA
371-606Class 42 'Warship' D820 'Grenville' BR Green (Late Crest) £110.49TBA
371-640Class 70 With Air Intake Modifications 70015 Freightliner Powerhaul £131.49Sep 19
371-641Class 70 With Air Intake Modifications 70805 Colas Rail Freight £131.49Sep 19
371-650AClass 57/3 57306 'Jeff Tracy' Virgin Trains (Revised) £114.49In Stock
371-651AClass 57/0 57008 'Freightliner Explorer' Freightliner Green W £122.99In Stock
371-658Class 57/3 57313 WCRC Maroon £114.49Jun 19
371-659Class 57/3 57315 Arriva Trains Wales (Revised) £114.49In Stock
371-660Class 57/6 57603 'Tintagel Castle' GWR Green (FirstGroup) £114.49In Stock
371-661Class 57/3 57305 'Northern Princess' DRS Northern Belle £114.49In Stock
371-679Class 220 4-Car DEMU 220009 Arriva Cross Country TBATBA
371-680Class 220 4-Car DEMU 220018 'Dorset Voyager' Virgin Trains (Revised) TBATBA
371-703Class 350 4-Car EMU 350407 First TransPennine Express £246.49Nov 19
371-725Class 450 4-Car EMU 450073 South West Trains £246.49TBA
371-742BR 'Western Pullman' 6-Car DEMU BR Grey & Blue £322.99In Stock
371-825CClass 47/0 D1779 BR Two-Tone Green (Small Yellow Panels) £118.99TBA
371-829Class 47/4 47435 BR Blue £118.99TBA
371-850Class 158 2-Car DMU 158849 BR Regional Railways  TBATBA
371-851Class 158 2-Car DMU 158711 ScotRail Saltire TBATBA
371-877AClass 108 2-Car DMU BR Blue & Grey £161.49In Stock
371-885AClass 108 3-Car DMU BR Blue £195.49TBA
371-887DSClass 108 3-Car DMU BR Green (Speed Whiskers) £271.99TBA
371-888Class 108 3-Car DMU BR White & Blue £195.49TBA
372-247Class 47/0 47209 'Herbert Austin' BR Railfreight Distribution Sector £118.99In Stock
372-248Class 47/4 47550 'University of Dundee' BR InterCity (Mainline) £118.99In Stock
372-250Class 47/4 47436 BR Blue (Large Logo) £118.99TBA
372-260Class 47/7 47814 'Totnes Castle' Virgin Trains (Original) TBATBA
372-261DSClass 47/7 47727 'Rebecca' Colas Rail TBATBA
372-262Class 47/7 47745 'Royal London Society For The Blind' Rail Express Systems TBATBA
372-262SFClass 47/7 47745 'Royal London Society For The Blind' Rail Express Systems TBATBA
372-875Class 319 4-Car EMU 319004 BR Network SouthEast (Revised) £246.49TBA
372-876Class 319 4-Car EMU 319382 Thameslink £246.49TBA
372-877Class 319 4-Car EMU 319362 Northern Rail £246.49TBA
372-950AClass 14 D9522 BR Green (Wasp Stripes) TBATBA
372-950ASFClass 14 D9522 BR Green (Wasp Stripes) TBATBA
372-954Class 14 D2/9531 NCB British Oak Orange & Black TBATBA
372-955Class 14 D9523 BR Maroon (Wasp Stripes) TBATBA
372-975AClass 24/0 24064 BR Blue £110.49TBA
372-976AClass 24/0 D5031 BR Green (Late Crest) £110.49In Stock
372-979AClass 24/0 D5053 BR Two-Tone Green (Small Yellow Panels) W £118.99TBA
372-980Class 24/0 97201 'Experiment' BR RTC (Original) W £118.99In Stock
372-981Class 24/0 D5100 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) £110.49TBA

Latest Additions

N Class Traction Tyres x 2 (379-427) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:50:46
Graham Farish Accessories - N Class Traction Tyres x 2 (379-427)  £1.99

WD Traction Tyres x 2 (379-426) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:50:16
Graham Farish Accessories - WD Traction Tyres x 2 (379-426)  £1.99

Princess Coronation Traction Tyres x 2 (379-425) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:53
Graham Farish Accessories - Princess Coronation Traction Tyres x 2 (379-425)  £1.99

Standard 5 Traction Tyres x 2 (379-424) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:29
Graham Farish Accessories - Standard 5 Traction Tyres x 2 (379-424)  £1.99

Ivatt 2MT Traction Tyres x 2 (379-423) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:49:01
Graham Farish Accessories - Ivatt 2MT Traction Tyres x 2 (379-423)  £1.99

A1/B1 Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-422)  £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:48:24
Graham Farish Accessories - A1/B1 Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-422)   £1.99

4MT 2-6-0 Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-421)  £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:47:39
Graham Farish Accessories - 4MT 2-6-0 Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-421)   £1.99

Jubilee Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-420) £1.99 Added to website on 11/06/2019 11:47:11
Graham Farish Accessories - Jubilee Tender Traction Tyres x 2 (379-420)  £1.99

SR Bogie B Luggage Van BR (SR) Green (374-631A) £26.99 Added to website on 07/05/2019 12:20:38
Graham Farish Coaches - SR Bogie B Luggage Van BR (SR) Green (374-631A) RRP £29.95 our price £26.99

Princess Coronation Class 46228 "Duchess Of Rutland" BR Crimson Late Crest (372-184A) £179.99 Added to website on 03/05/2019 10:29:14
Graham Farish Steam Locos - Princess Coronation Class 46228 "Duchess Of Rutland" BR Crimson Late Crest (372-184A)  £179.99

BR Mk1 FK First Corridor Crimson & Cream (374-160) £19.99 Added to website on 02/05/2019 15:55:46
Graham Farish Coaches - BR Mk1 FK First Corridor Crimson & Cream (374-160)  £19.99

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