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Click here for larger picture - ARC ONE Powerbase (C8433)  £44.99
approx 20% off

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ARC ONE Powerbase (C8433)


 Item last stock checked on 16/01/2018

Upgrade your existing Scalextric set to ARC ONE!

Upgrade your existing analogue Scalextric Set to the new
ARC ONE system with the ARC ONE Powerbase, and unlock
the power of the revolutionary ARC ONE app.

Scalextric ARC ONE is a revolutionary slot car system that
allows you to wirelessly create and manage races with a
handheld smart device*, such as a smartphone or tablet.
Download the ARC app (free), then connect your device
via Bluetooth to the ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique
features and control of your races.

Personalise your race by selecting features such as race type,
driver names and number of laps. Customise and save your
race settings and car setup, before you head out on the track
to test your skills and challenge your opponent.

* Tablet/smartphone not included


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